In my time of mediation, I wrote and listened...
D.O.C.C Music, D.O.C.C or The Doccta is an American independent rapper, singer, producer, musician, filmmaker, and poet.
From very young, D.O.C.C has always been interested in the arts. Singing came naturally and he started learning piano as a part of the music program in his church. From 2016-2017, he played for the band until he moved on to mixing. The beginnings of his solo journey were coming to be.
The NJ native started working his craft in September of 2017. From songwriting to taking on the job as producer, all coming together in his bedroom. He recorded two demos of his debut album "Mixing Console," with a final version released on October 26, 2018. From that moment, he has built up his skills in audio releasing 3 singles: "The Doccta's Theme", "Them Feelings", and "Ending Salutations." He has worked sound for stage productions at Mount Olive High School, and taken part as a drummer in the schools Jazz program.
Recently, he has opened doors in his other passion of filmmaking. Debuting with directing the music video for the title track of his second album, which was released May 31, 2022 called "In A Matter Of Days." He has also directed a stop motion animation short called "The Tale Of Two Toys" and another music video for his song "December 25th." At Mount Olive High School, he is a key member of the school's channel "Marauder Madness."
High School
Mount Olive High School
Birth Date
July 27, 2004
D.O.C.C Music
Birth City
Current City
Mount Olive
Mount Olive
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"The only thing that makes the world move is action, not words. Let your dreams live through your actions." - my senior quote
In my time of mediation, I wrote and listened...
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