Born on January 8, 1975 in Angoulême (France). Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Human Sciences with a specialization in Plastic Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Language Sciences with a specialization in Digital Communication and New Media. First a soldier in the French armed forces, then freelance graphic designer and artistic director, she decided in 2018 to change profession by exploring art creation, therapy and sound.
Carine Iriarte lives and works in the south of France, where the Mediterranean landscape and culture are part of her artistic work. She collaborates with poets, painters, musicans and singers to explore vibration through movement, touch, silence, slowness, poetic acts, symbolic language, bodily/fleshy connection to the mineral-vegetable-animal world as an erotic entanglement.
In 2021, she launched “Poetics of Reverie”, a collaborative artistic project combining poetry, body, film, electro music, with the aspiration to poetically inhabit the flesh of the world.
Her main collaborator is Tania Haberland and "Poetics of Reverie" is born from that watery and boundless co-creation. “Night Rain” and “Cloud Mountains” have been selected for the big screen at the “Sentient Performativities” event from June 26-30, 2022, Dartington Hall, UK and online
Birth Date
January 8, 1975
Birth City
Angoulême (France)
Current City
Narbonne (France)
Earth and the Universe
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