The Capricornia Film Awards (CFA) recognises excellence in Australia's Northern Territory film industry. CFA is a biennial event hosted in September as part of the Darwin International Film Festival.

COVID-19 update:
For the 2020 edition of Capricornia, Nominees for each category will be announced at "DIFF 2020: take one" in September, with the awards ceremony to take place in May 2021 as a part of "DIFF 2020: take two". For more information on DIFF dates and COVID-19 plan, head to

Awards will be given in each of the following categories:

*Short Film - documentary: single piece, under 60 minutes.
*Short Film - Fiction: Single piece, under 60 minutes.
*Music Video: under 15 minutes.
*Corporate / Commercial: TVC, Corporate film, public campaign. Under 5 minutes.
*Community: small/no-budget productions made by community organisations across the Territory.
*Episodic: series pilot, series season, web-series, in any genre and length.
*Feature Film (Documentary and Fiction): Single piece, over 60 minutes.

The jury may decide to give extra awards for special achievements.

Detailed prizes will be announced at a later date.

1. CFA Acceptance Criteria
1.1. All Filmmakers must agree to these Terms and Conditions as a condition of entry of Film - also referred to as "Works" to Capricornia Film Awards 2020, also referred to as "CFA".
1.2. All Films submitted to Capricornia Film Awards 2020 must meet the CFA Acceptance Criteria in all respects.
1.3. CFA Acceptance Criteria include:
a. All Works must have been completed after 1 September 2018.
b. All Works must be of "local relevance", by complying with ANY of the following:
• The production company is based in the Northern Territory;
• At least 50% of the filming locations in the final production is situated in the Northern Territory.
c. The Film must be submitted in the appropriate category, as described on the Platform.
d. CFA will evaluate in its sole discretion whether the Film submitted for Capricornia Film Awards 2020 meets all Acceptance Criteria.
e. CFA will inform in writing (email) if the Film has been accepted or not accepted into Capricornia Film Awards 2020. CFA’s decision as to whether a Film has met all Acceptance Criteria is final and not subject to any appeal for reconsideration.
f. Any Film not accepted for inclusion into Capricornia Film Awards 2020 shall not be used by CFA for any purpose after the evaluation for Acceptance Criteria concludes.