Cape Children's Film Festival is a unique film festival with a focus on film By and About CHILDREN (from birth to 17 years old).Festival will be held in Cape Town, South Africa as of 30 November 2019 until 01 December 2019. The festival will in the mix have an outreach programs in Khayelitsha township . Established in 2019 to empower Filmmakers with a platform to show case films For, By and About CHILDREN, discuss trends and issues affecting the Children. It will also serves as a platform to educate, entertain and inform audience of social, art, business, political and health issues impacting CHILDREN globally. Headlining the festival are Feature/ Short Films, Panel discussions, Games and Workshops

Audience Award.
Best Feature
Best Short
Best Narrative
Best Animation
Best New Media / Smartphone
Best Special Project

All film genres are welcome except horror. Only films no less than 1 minute and 120 minute long will e considered.

Overall Rating
  • Merja Maijanen

    My film was selected, but that's it. no one contacted me, I wrote them but no one answered, their website doesn't work, nothing.

    December 2019