The Canadian Film Fest is dedicated to supporting Canadian independent films and cultivating emerging filmmaking talent. Film-loving audiences come to enjoy a diverse selection of 100% Canadian film screenings (feature & shorts), and filmmakers flock to the CFF’s various industry events to take advantage of essential networking and professional development activities.

Canadian Film Fest was the first festival to transition to a virtual experience in 2020 by partnering with Super Channel. For 2021, the Canadian Film Fest will be presented by Super Channel.

Filmmakers may be offered a broadcast deal should their film be invited to screen at the Canadian Film Fest.

The Canadian Film Fest is a qualifying festival by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.

The Canadian Film Fest offers awards for:

Best Feature
Best Short
People's Pick for Best Flick
Reel Canadian Indie Award sponsored by William F. White International
Jury Prizes

- For 2021, the Canadian Film Fest is waiving the Toronto premiere status for BIPOC filmmakers (Directors & Producers). If a film (short or feature) has screened at a Toronto festival in the past two (2) years, it will now be eligible for the CFF.
- If your have film is available online, we will not screen your movie, even if it stars that delightful Ryan Reynolds
- We screen and are looking for ALL GENRES as long as there is a narrative story to follow. We're looking for great stories!

- $25 for shorts and $45 for features for the regular deadline
- $35 for shorts and $55 for features for the extended deadline
- Entry fees are non-refundable
- We do not give waivers except to Canadian BIPOC filmmakers and high school students. Everyone pays and all our programming is done from our submissions


1. Films must be Toronto premieres (note: exception for BIPOC filmmakers). Toronto screenings whether private or at school will disqualify your film. In 2021, the CFF is waiving the Toronto premiere status for BIPOC filmmakers. If a film has screened in Toronto in the past two (2) years, it will be eligible for the 2021 Canadian Film Fest.

2. Short films must not exceed 25 minutes in length, including credits.

3. Feature films must be at minimum of 70 minutes in length.

4. All non-English language films must have English subtitles.

5. Films must be available in DCP format for in-person screenings. Should your film be invited to screen at CFF, you will receive detailed information about deliverables.

6. Submissions may not be withdrawn from the Festival once they have been accepted and you have confirmed, except at the sole discretion of the Festival.

7. All selected films may be excerpted for publicity purposes.

8. A separate entry form and an additional entry fee must be submitted for each film.

9. If your film is invited to screen at the Canadian Film Fest, filmmakers may be offered a broadcast offer.

10. If your film is invited to screen virtually, you will receive a list of deliverables.

Overall Rating
  • Congratulations to the CFF team for making the 2020 virtual fest such a cool and rewarding experience. Was happy to screen my short film, Pressure Play, among the lineup of great Canadian films!

    September 2020
  • Kevin Hartford

    Congrats on making a stay-at-home fest such a cool experience for all involved, thrilled to take part again.

    August 2020
  • ravi steve

    This is easily my fav Canadian Festival. The film selection is always fantastic and the panels are genuinely informative. The programmers have figured out how to create an environment that brings filmmakers together with a positive and supportive energy to celebrate each other's work. I wish all festivals were this good.

    July 2019
  • CFF is just the best. The biggest film festival in Toronto that actually celebrates Canadian filmmakers - where the Canadian film community gathers for beers, hugs, great panels and great films. Festival organizers - Bern, Ashleigh and Warren are the loveliest people in the business.

    April 2019
  • Spencer Ryerson

    Had a great time at CFF this year in the shorts programme! The quality of the programming was consistently high quality and Bern and Ashleigh accommodated my crew and I with any questions we had.

    April 2019