Camp Ladies Go Nuts

Gen Xer and former slacker Roberta starts a fun-loving sleepaway camp for women over 40, but her incompetent counselors, a woo woo Shamanic Practitioner, and a slew of accidents threaten to undo her plans at every turn.


Roberta Gilbert may be 50, but she’s still got the same juvenile sense of humor she had in her 20 as a camp counselor. Stuck in a dead-end job, she becomes obsessed with the idea of starting an outdoor camp for a diverse group of women over 40—so they may experience the kind of crazy-go-nuts fun she remembers from her days of being a camp counselor.

Denigrated and unappreciated by her 20-something boss, Roberta sets her plans in motion for a career change, roping in her younger sister, Jen, and her best friend, Nisha to organize a summer weekend at a Maine camp with her vision: Camp Ladies Go Nuts.

Enter Johanna Rancourt, the daughter of the camp owner, who wants to add more of a mind-body-spirit element to camp activities. The only problem? Roberta’s idea of an activity roster includes: Capture The Flag, beer hikes, and dance parties. Johanna’s is: “Nourishing the ‘Pause,” “Repairing The Mother Wound,” and perineum sunning. Their difference in vision becomes painfully obvious when Johanna hijacks the daily roster to spin the camp activities more to a wacky spiritual camp.

Johanna’s continued interference begins to rankle the headstrong Roberta. An attempt to curtail Johanna’s passive aggressiveness goes awry, frustrating Roberta even more. And Johanna, who thinks she wields more power because her family owns the camp, continues to push back.

When an 80-year-old camper gets seriously injured during a beer-fueled kickball game, Johanna makes the call to shut camp down prematurely. Roberta’s wires have been crossed for the last time resulting in a public and physical showdown.

Summoning all of her humility and maturity that comes with age, Roberta skillfully seeks to undo the damage with the camp owner. And sublimating her ego for the benefit of the campers, she digs deep to negotiate with Johanna, so that everyone gets what they want and camp can continue with one big, honkin’ dance finale.

Get ready to let your freak flab fly with Camp Ladies Go Nuts.

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Writer Biography - Kay Stephens

Kay Stephens is a Maine freelance writer and magazine editor with a specialty in arts, entertainment, and the creative economy. Her novel, The Ghost Trap was a Finalist in the Literary Fiction category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News. In 2018, the novel was optioned to become an independent film, which is still in development. Stephens was tapped to adapt the novel into a screenplay. Camp Ladies Go Nuts is her first spec script. Learn more at

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