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Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho…Freedom is 90 Miles Away.

“A critical election in Florida intersects with the opportunity for real freedom in Cuba.”

Logline: When the smart and beautiful daughter of a wealthy Cuban refugee (the most powerful conservative voice in Florida) becomes a U.S. Senator, she works cleverly and clandestinely to defy both her father and accepted political precedent to abolish the U.S. Embargo.

Fidel Castro has died. The vestiges of his oppressive rule are everywhere, especially in prisons. But there are faint embers of hope, especially among the farmers and the Church in Cuba. The U. S. interests in the Island are led by a promising Cuban GOP Senator from Florida.
The Senator is mysteriously killed in an automobile accident in the Everglades, with suspicious political goons showing up in strategic places and times. The dead Senator’s Father in Law, a Sugar Baron and veteran of the Bay of Pigs, convinces the Governor to appoint his impressive daughter to fill out the remaining Senate term and become the party candidate for the seat. The determined Father in Law and family were significantly influenced by their Catholic heritage while living in Miami on 8th street, known as “Calle Ocho.”
Although a long shot, the Democrats field a smart but somewhat past his time candidate for the election. With a 50-50 spit for control in the Senate on the line, the NRA secretly moves in to help the GOP win.
Florida’s new Republican Senator sponsors a landmark initiative of her late husband called “Gateway,” which will offer voluntary educational and technology investments in the Caribbean and readmission for Cuba into the Organization of American States (“OAS”).
The Cuban people continue to struggle with the past, but begin seeing hope from the brave followers of Jose Marti in communication and freedom loving organizations.
The U. S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee becomes the venue for determination of Gateway. The Junior Senator surprises everyone with a tactical move that leaves her in control of the legislation, including the Embargo of Cuba.
Working with the Cuban National Assembly, Cuba’s President announces recognition of free markets , private property, and the presumption of innocence in the Country’s judicial system. Finally the opportunity for a Gateway to freedom for Cuba looks more promising than ever before.

  • Robert W. McKnight
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  • Jeremy Culver
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  • New York Movie Awards
    New York, NY
    June 5, 2021
    Award Winner: Feature Script--Calle Ocho
  • Political Film Festival
    Los Angles, California
    July 1, 2021
    Screenplay Award Winner
  • Festival for Trailers Monthly
    Los Angles, California
    August 2, 2021
    Trailer Selected for Viewing at Festival
Writer Biography - Robert W. McKnight, Jeremy Culver

Former Florida State Senator and Representative. Author of two books about Florida politics--one fiction and one non-fiction. Owner of award winning (New York Movie Award for Best Feature Script, 2021; Political Movie Festival, Best Screenplay, 2021; and Festival for Trailers Monthly Award Winner, 2021) Political Genre Screenplay, "Calle Ocho."

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"Another riveting election in Florida where the winner could determine Cuba's freedom."
Senator Bob McKnight