The objective of our festival is the promotion and diffusion of cinema, emphasizing in particular the formation of new generations, both in cinematographic culture and in technical and creative knowledge, in order to be able to carry out future cinematographic projects in the future. Their own means.
The CFF is home for the low budget films that are produced internationally. We care for the new generations, we want them to get possibilities in a very difficult and competitive world. We value the quality and the effort of making a film with a low budget.

Low Budget Awards
The selected films will compete as the best productions of the year in the international area, with an investment of less than 500,000 euros.
Big productions are available to very few professionals and the new generations have to adapt and get finalized feature films with low budgets, financed largely by small producers, friends, family and crowfunding funds.
The festival wants to value these productions and reward the enormous effort that represents to go forward projects so ambitious and exciting.
From the festival of Calella we have the purpose of giving diffusion to these films that have not counted with the resources of a great producer nor with the ones of public subsidies that year a year have been decreasing.

Creative Rosebud Awards
The Creative Rosebud Awards seek to create a seal of quality by selecting films of the year that have stood out for their originality, giving priority to the creativity of the contestants’ productions.
All those productions that throughout the year have stood out for their creativity and originality, both in the field of national and international production, with an investment exceeding 500,000 euros will compete.

Low Budget Awards:

Creative Rosebud Awards