Cacophony! Cinematic Aural Revue is a traveling music film festival. For one day, Cacophony! takes over a theater to host a number of concert films and music documentaries, culminating with a midnight show of a classic! This is a celebration of music on film, and the lineup may change from city to city depending on what music is relevant to that region, or whether that film has played in that market before, so it's never quite the same.

Cacophony! is not focused on prizes, as all of our selections are winners! If your film is selected, you have won, and will get a laurel highlighting the city/cities in which your film plays.

1) We welcome submissions via FilmFreeway only.
2) No DVDs or Blu-rays will be accepted for submission purposes.
3) More than one entry may be submitted. Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form and entry fee.
4) The entry fee is non-refundable.
5) By submitting your film, you are stating that you are the owner of the film. All films and projects submitted must be free from any legal disputes and the filmmaker must have cleared all rights for music and exhibition.
6) Your film must be centered on a musical subject. We focus primarily on filmed concert performances, documentaries about musical artists and music videos, but if your film is centered on music in some other way, we may consider it.
7) All films and projects selected for the festival grant Cacophony! the rights to use footage, stills and/or titles and information from the film for promotional purposes.
8) Cacophony! reserves the right to change any information contained in this document (including festival dates, venues, events, awards and eligibility requirements) without further notice.
9) All filmmakers and creators will be notified of their status by October 2, 2019, via email. Please keep us informed of any changes regarding your contact information by emailing
10) Due to the number of submissions, Cacophony! cannot provide feedback on any entries.
11) Rough cuts and works-in-progress are eligible for entry if the final cut will be available by October 10, 2019. However, please be aware that our programming department may not be able to re-screen your film if you send a final cut after submitting a rough cut. To avoid confusion throughout the screening review process, we would prefer that you only send us ONE version of your film and preferably the final version.
12) Previously submitted films will not be accepted.
13) Films selected to run in the 2020 Cacophony! festivals may be presented in multiple cities, but must be submitted for additional cities separately. If you are accepted to one event, and we deem your film suitable for screening in another city, we may contact you about doing that. However, this submission site is for the Dallas 2020 festival only.
14) We will almost always require your film on an unencrypted DCP for screening. In some cases, an MP4 at 1080p resolution may be acceptible, but it depends on the venue in which your film is scheduled.
15) Filmmakers are encouraged to attend, and Q&A sessions will be scheduled for those that have representatives coming. Two "Artist" passes will be provided for each film. Also, if your film is selected, you will be permitted to sell merchandise related to your film in the venue lobby, provided there is nothing that could be construed as obscene or vulgar on it. A representative of your film will be responsible for handling the merchandise and sales for your film's souvenirs.
16) I hereby grant Cacophony! ("Festival") all rights necessary to exhibit and promote the above-referenced film at the 2019 edition. I represent that such exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights whatsoever (including copyright, trademark, musical or contract right) of any person or entity. I further represent that I am authorized to submit the above-referenced film and, if selected, will deliver the screening print to the Festival office no later than October 25, 2019. Additionally, I indemnify the Festival from any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, and attorney's fee arising out of or in connection with third parties in regard to the screening of said film. Further, I hereby agree that I have read and agree to the Rules and Regulations for submissions to Cacophony! Cinematic Aural Revue 2019.