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Cabin of Shadows

In "Cabin of Shadows," three college friends venture to an abandoned cabin in the woods for a thrill-seeking adventure. However, their lighthearted pursuit of fear turns into a nightmarish ordeal when they encounter a malevolent entity with glowing white eyes within the cabin. As they desperately try to escape, the cabin's layout becomes an endless maze, separating the friends and subjecting them to the entity's terror. The story takes a horrifying turn as the entity's sinister presence leads to the friends' gruesome and untimely demises. The narrative culminates in an unsettling and unresolved conclusion, leaving readers, hopefully soon watchers, with a deep sense of dread and unease, as the friends confront a malevolent force beyond their comprehension in the dark forest.

  • Joshua Michael Gibson Jr.
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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
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Writer - Joshua Michael Gibson Jr.