This is the first year of Comedy World Network International Film Festival All films and short videos are eligible to screen at the festival. Even if your film has already been distributed, or is publicly available online - (youtube, vimeo, etc ...) - with some restrictions as listed below - we will review it for presentation. Works in progress are accepted in some cases, audio has to be clearly audible. The films screen on Blu-Ray, DVD and DCP. We accept short films, web series episodes, 48 hour films, experimental films, animated films, music videos and just about anything that is funny and will make people laugh.

We are seeking humor and comedy based short films, skits, web series, feature films, and tv pilots. The final project should be in the US or UK English or have English subtitles. We accept all kinds of comedy shorts and sketches, from animation, music video, mockumentary and more.

The festival has monthly screenings in several cities throughout the US leading up to the main event to be held November 2018.

We have a special screening in Los Angeles September 25 - October 2 at the Landmark / Regency Theater. Films interested in that screening will need to submit specifically for that.

Comedy Featured films are 30 minutes and longer

Sketches are a maximum of 10 minutes.

Comedy Pilots are 22 minutes and less

Comedy Shorts are 4 minutes and less

Comedy Web Series are 1 to 5 minutes each

Animation can be Short or Feature length.

There are several categories - each of which will have top 3 awards. The monthly screenings provide a way for selected projects to introduce their project and present information to the voters.

By submitting the link to your project, you are acknowledging that you would like your video screened in this festival and that we have your permission to do so.

* Feature films must be a premiere and not have entered distribution prior to the festival. DCP exhibition screener required.

* Short films and pilots cannot screen online or in Las Vegas one month prior to the festival.

* Web series may be released online prior to and during the festival.

* Exhibition Specs Accepted

Submittal format:

Digital Video:
- BlueRay

Media Files:

-Dolby Digital EX
-Dolby Digital

In addition to our "BEST OF THE FUNNY FEST" winner, we will award WINNERS, RUNNER-UPS, and HONORABLE MENTIONS in each of the following categories.

We offer a cash prize to our "BEST OF THE FUNNY FEST" film and to the winner selected from the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/360 film.

Top Award recognition(s) and Audience Choice in each category as well as
Top Overall Female Filmmaker

Overall Winner will receive $1,000 cash

Submissions forms must be completed with current phone, email, and mailing address information. Incomplete information may cause your project to be removed from consideration as an official entry or for awards.

Each filmmaker with a project that has been accepted to this year’s festival will receive 2 Three Day Passes to the event.

By submitting an entry, you agree to hold CWN International Film Festival staff and volunteers, associated businesses, organizations, and sponsors harmless from all claims and liabilities connected with your participation and/or entry into the festival.
Entrants retain all rights to films and screenplays (as well as associated publicity materials).

Submitting your project grants permission to CWN International Film Festival organizers to use film clips and publicity materials for promotions for festival and films on tv, radio, print, website, and social media.

CWN International Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submission.
Submission Fees will not be refunded for any reason.
You will be notified if your film has been accepted and has a scheduled screening time. CWN International Film Festival organizers will make final decisions on screening.

I. Any film made after January 1, 2010 is eligible as long as they follow all other rules & regulations. [If your film is made earlier than this date and you still want to submit, contact us]
2. Films that have aired on US television prior to the festival or are currently commercially available for purchase or viewing are not eligible.
3. Film-makers must have all rights associated with their project to enter or exhibit their film. This includes rights to any audio or visual materials used in the film or with promotional materials.
4. Films containing graphic violence towards children or animals, scenes of explicit sexual content (considered pornographic) or films that promote violence towards or against any group (political, racial, sexual, etc.) will not be shown at the festival and may not be considered for awards. If you have questions about your film’s content, please contact CWN International Film Festival coordinators at
5. CWN International Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason at any time.