[C]SCREEN is a shortfilm exhibition proposed by the [PLAT ARTÍSTIC] cultural project platform in Cerdanyola del Vallès, in the surroundings of Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain).

Its main goal is to show the latest cinematographic trends from all around the world, with quality films in a wide budget range. In addition, it aims to sensitize those who are unfamiliar with or less informed about new ways of making cinema. We want to culturally enrich Cerdanyola -our town-. We will not charge the public with any entrance fee for watching the shortfilms, it is completely free.

The festival is presented in two parts, in two opposite year periods: in spring with screendance (April) and in autumn with the rest of fiction (mainly October)

This FICTION FALL (October), dedicated to all fiction shortfilms!

[C]SCREEN is organized by the non-profit association [Plat Artístic] and without sponsors or any other entity that gives us money. That means that the prize MAY DEPEND of the quantity of submissions (and, as you can see, the submission fee is quite symbolic). Read below:

* All the selected films will receive a Laurel as Official Selection of the [C]Screen Festival - Fiction Fall.
* Among the selected, the films considered the best will have an Inktip prize package (promotion of your script) and a symbolic cash reward.

We give three prizes (it's not related exactly to the categories, they only help us to program):
- Best National Film
- Best International Film
- Kids award

(Choice made by differents associations or people related to [Plat Artístic] and the audience)

There will NOT be any awards ceremony. And we do not pay any travel/accommodation expense if the selected author(s) films want to be present in the festival. Unfortunately we do not have enough resources to do that.


We only accept submission via FilmFreeway, it is very easy to open an account and the registration is completely free and they will not charge any extra fee but the festival's fee.

If after reading, should you have any problem or question, do not hesitate to contact us at platartistic@gmail.com


We consider as short film any film with a duration equal to or less than 30 minutes (we are flexible). Please, follow the categories.

Any short film created from two years ago and onwards may participate in the [C]SCREEN festival. Short films participating in the festival are not required to be a premiere. Short films projected elsewhere and/or published on Internet may be submitted. Unfinished projects are not accepted.

The nationality of the director/choreographer determines the category in which the film is included. Like this, a short film produced out of Spain by a Spanish director/choreographer will be in the national category. If some credits could give room for confusion, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail to make clear the category in which you submit.

We require English, French OR Spanish subtitles for the selection process.

The author(s) of each short film must have both the authorship of the film and the rights of other content of third persons appearing in the film.


The following terms and conditions are accepted upon submission of each short film and apply if the film is selected for the festival.

The selected short films will be exhibited during the dates of this year's edition of the [C]Screen Festival (including a tour in different cities around) and may be projected in the following editions of the festival as Selected in past editions.

The film won't be published nor distributed to any other person or organisation. However, it may be shown completely or partly during educational and/or formation activities organized by the [PLAT ARTÍSTIC] association and its close collaborators (Xiscnèfils, Cineclub Manresa, Taller Cinema Cerdanyola and Museu d'Art de Cerdanyola). For eventual screenings out of the previous situations, the author(s) will be previously asked for consent. Remuneration for each projection is not guaranteed.

The author(s) of the short film agree to let extracts of a maximum of 10% of their film to be used for publicity purposes relative to the festival or activities of the [PLAT ARTÍSTIC] association. An eventual trailer of the short film may be used on TV, Internet and/or other communication media.

The short film will be part of the archive of the association and with available access ONLY TO THE MEMBERS.. No content will be totally published on Internet.

Physical support of short films is sent at the author(s)' own risk. The [PLAT ARTÍSTIC] association is not responsible of the damage the physical support may suffer. There will be no refunds or devolutions. After the festival, the [PLAT ARTÍSTIC] association has the right to keep any eventual physical content for the archive of the association.

If you have any question, please contact the festival organisators.


We ask for a symbolic submission fee to cover some organisation expenses. The submission is done only via FilmFreeway where you could see the fees per category and deadlines.

* If your project is realised by a non-profit organisation...
* If the director/choreographer is from Cerdanyola del Vallès...
* If you are still a student of less than 25...

...before submitting, contact us to our email: platartistic@gmail.com

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