In the Akposso highlands in central Togo, Alovilasso and its neighbor grow yams, corn and fonio, the local cereal. Every Friday, they travel together more than 25 km on foot to get to Amou Oblo, the nearest town. They sell their harvest there and divide up with whatever the city can offer them that they don't have up in the mountains.

  • OBANIKOUA Kossivi Messah
  • OBANIKOUA Kossivi Messah
  • AVELINE Michel
  • OBANIKOUA Kossivi Messah
    Key Cast
    "ROI OBA"
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    49 hours 50 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    September 19, 2022
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Director Biography - OBANIKOUA Kossivi Messah

50 ans. Not in Lomé
The nationality Togolese
Independent cameraman then cameraman JRI à MAC-MIT
Assistant independent director
Coordinator of the association of young filmmakers of TOGO (AJECIT)
Internship at CIIFA STUDIO in Ghana
Internship au CAPA (Centre africain de production audio-visuel)
Internship in formation and writing of documentary films at the Goethe Institut
Chargé à la production audiovisual au Festhef et à l’agence Téré Culture
2008 : Teacher at the Ecole Supérieure Enseignement Cinématographique (ESEC) (realisation)
Realist en second chez Made In Togo depuis septembre 2010.
Depuis 2018 : Responsable cinéma à New World TV.
2018 : Teacher at ESTCA la fabienne (atelier de cinéma)
Mes realizations ces dernières années
Opérateur Images et assistant réalisateur des Documentaires « Attention Travaux en 2010 »
• Assistant director of the television series « Fruit of the passion »
• Director of the film documentary « OVA ou le fonio »
• Realization of the film documentary "extreme affliction"
• Realization of the film fiction « désirs du cœur » deuxième au festival de los Angeles
• Realization of the documentary film « les trompettes de Amen » Premier prize at the 7th edition of the Festival de short métrage « Clap Ivoire »
• Realization of the film documentary « le Sac des Jumeaux »
• Realization of the film documentary "Alovilasso"
• Realization of plus two films and one in Togo and Ghana for the chain transnat de New World

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Director Statement

Dear spectators,

I am delighted to present this captivating film, which transports us to the highlands of Akposso, a region in central Togo, to share the inspiring story of Alovilasso. A strong and determined woman who raises her three children alone while facing the prejudices and challenges that stand in her way.

In this remote corner of the world, Alovilasso embodies resilience and determination. Every Friday, she undertakes an incredible journey of more than 25 kilometers on foot to get to the nearest town. For what ? To sell the crops of his hard work, to provide for his family, to overcome the prejudices of all the men in his village.

This film invites us to delve into the life of this extraordinary woman, to discover the challenges she faces and the victories she wins. It reminds us of the strength of human will, the beauty of solidarity and the ability of each person to defy social norms to forge their own destiny.

I hope this touching story inspires you as much as it inspired us by telling it. It reminds us that wherever we are in the world, dreams and aspirations are universal. And that, despite the obstacles that stand in our way, perseverance can lead us to a better future.

Thank you for joining us for this exceptional cinematic adventure. We hope you enjoy every moment of this journey into the heart of Alovilasso's determination.

Have a good session everyone!