PLEASE READ THE RULES & REGULATIONS BEFORE SUBMITTING (below). If your project is over 5 minutes (TRT) do not submit it, as it will be disqualified and not reviewed. COVIDaVINCI is the ultra-short program at the DaVinci International Film Festival. To learn more about DIFF's in-competition short program, please visit Thank you and good luck!


We thought we'd be on the flip-side of COVID for our second year as an ultra-short program produced by the DaVinci International Film Festival, but here we are. We also considered changing the name as to not perpetuate the current pandemic climate (and we still might as we find the light and recover some sense of normalcy, whatever that means anymore), but we love the ultra-short format -- it was a huge success for our 2020 virtual fest -- and so here we go again for a second annual!

COVIDaVINCI is a 5-minute QUARANTINE film challenge that will award filmmakers with a Shelter-In-Place Official Selection and "Audience Award" for their creative work in narrative, animation, and music video that is produced during this pandemic period.

We're making this affordable to enter for a potential HUGE return on your investment!

- Official Selection screening at DIFF 2021 alongside Vitruvian Award winners
- Sponsorship Prizes
- Program inclusion
- Audience Award*

*Due to COVID-19, we will not be manufacturing / issuing physical awards.

Festivals learn a lot after their inaugural -- how to push and pull their programming to make the following year bigger and better for their filmmakers. At COVIDaVINCI we honor our TOP 100 films on the DaVinci platform as Official Selections and their shot at awards and more. But the rules have to be followed otherwise the film will immediately be disqualified.

The biggest rule that was broken by hundreds of entries was the Total Running Time. If it is literally 1 second over the 5 minute TRT criteria, it will be disqualified. We're not trying to be difficult, but if we make an exception for one, we will have to for all. And we received THOUSANDS of entries this past year. So PLEASE make sure your film is no longer than 5 minutes with credits. Thank you!

Learn more about DaVinci International Film Festival, programs, and access to our FAQ section at The COVIDaVINCI program is an online, ultra-short program that will screen in parallel with the DaVinci International Film Festival, September 24-26, 2021.

- Top 100 COVIDaVINCI films will be streamed on the DaVinci platform as IN COMPETITION projects during the festival.

- Film projects must NOT break state or federal COVID-19 mandates for quarantine or social gatherings. Meaning, if your state has a non-essential travel restriction in place, DO NOT go filming on location. This is a non-essential film contest (as are all others) and we take this very seriously. Any attempt to circumvent this regulation will result in immediate disqualification. And we're pretty wise to filmmaking ;)

- Practice social distancing and follow masking and testing state and federal mandates with your cast and crew.

- All non-English speaking films must be presented in their original version with English subtitles.

- No longer than 5 minutes TRT (including credits) for quarantine film. If your film is 5:01 it will be disqualified. As mentioned above, please understand that if we make an exception for one, we have to make for all, so we stick to this requirement.

- All submissions MUST have been filmed and produced between MARCH 2020 - SEPTEMBER 3rd 2021.

- Top 100 films will be online for DIFF's global audience to view and vote for the Audience Award.

- In the event of a film is withdrawn, DIFF will not refund or return any materials.

Questions? Please contact us at

Overall Rating
  • Betsy Stern

    A wonderful festival with excellent communication!

    October 2021

  • What a delightful festival!

    We’ll definitely be back with future projects.

    Highly recommend.

    October 2021
  • It was an amazing experience been part of the Festival, specially during the first edition during COVID

    February 2021
  • Jenn Lindsay

    This is a wonderful festival! They are so supportive of their artists, have amazing communication, and put a lot of effort into celebrating independent filmmaking. I highly recommend submitting your work to them!

    September 2020
  • Jeff Musillo

    I was super excited to have one of my shorts be a part of this festival. The festival directors had a very unique approach to exhibiting films during the quarantine period and I was honored to be a part of it!

    September 2020