COVIDaVINCI is a 5-minute QUARANTINE film challenge that will award filmmakers with a “Shelter-In-Place Vitruvian Award” for their film work in narrative, animation, and music video that is produced during this quarantine period.

We're making this affordable to enter for a potential HUGE return on your investment!

- Screening at DIFF 2020 ONLINE (All-New DIFF Festival Platform!)
- Sponsorship Prizes
- Program inclusion
- Audience Award
- Shelter-In-Place Vitruvian Award (Working Title :)

Learn more about DaVinci International Film Festival, programs, and access to our FAQ section at DUE TO COVID, DaVinci International Film Festival (Vitruvian Awards) will be hosted online, September 10-13th, 2020.

- Top 50 COVIDaVINCI films will be showcased as IN COMPETITION during the festival.

- Film projects must NOT break state or federal COVID mandates for quarantine. Meaning, if your state has a non-essential travel restriction in place, DO NOT go filming on location. This is a non-essential film contest (as are all others) and we take this very seriously. Immediate disqualification.

- Practice social distancing. Your film cast/crew should be your family or roommates or anyone else you are currently living with.

- All non-English speaking films must be presented in their original version with English subtitles.

- No longer than 5 minutes TRT (including credits) for quarantine film. If your film is 5:01 it will be disqualified. Please understand that if we make an exception for one, we have to make for all, so we stick to this requirement.

- All submissions MUST have been filmed and produced during COVID-19 shelter in place/quarantine period. As in right now.

- Narrative, Animation, Documentary, and Music video categories will be awarded.

- In the event of a film is withdrawn, DIFF will not refund or return any materials.