Building on its 15 years of great programming in support of independent filmmaking, the Syracuse International Film Festival will present the CNY Film Festival 2018 on March 22-24, now in its 5th year. Submissions may include Feature Film, Documentaries, Animation, Experimental Films, Short Films, Music Videos, and Web Series.

Music Videos will be judged based on the creative quality and concept of the visual. For Web Series, only ONE episode may be submitted.

All submissions must have a copyright date of 2016 or later.

CNY Film Festival 2018 is a juried competition for films made by filmmakers who have a connection to New York State. This means that the filmmaker was born here, regardless of where he or she is living now, or is currently living or has lived in NYS, attended school or worked here, or whose film has a NYS subject matter. Submissions can be of any length, and can include film, documentary, or animation. Judges are professional filmmakers, film critics, and writers.

In addition to the competition, CNY Film Festival 2018 will feature a screening of the silent classic Rapsodia Satanica on March 22, 2018, and the four and a half hour uncut version of Sergio Leone's masterpiece Once Upon A Time in America on March 23, with at Shemin Auditorium at Syracuse University. On the third day, Saturday March 24, 2018, the top films submitted will be shown at the Palace Theater in Syracuse, NY, and awards and citations will be announced.

CNY Film Festival 2018 is sponsored by the Syracuse International Film Festival in partnership with the Central New York Humanities Corridor, from an award by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, CNY Film Professionals, LeMoyne College, and Syracuse University. The Bologna Cinemateca will also be on hand for discussion of the Sergio Leone film.

Monetary prizes and citations will be given for the top films selected by the jury.
First prize award - $1,000; 2nd Prize - $500; 3rd prize - $250. In addition, there will be non-monetary citations for best submissions.

Submissions Information for The Syracuse International Film Festival’s (SIFF) CNY Film Festival 2018. Submissions guidelines may be found at

Note that deadlines are postmark deadlines, and no late submissions will be accepted. No submissions will be accepted after 11:59 pm on March 1, 2018.

Music Videos will be judged based on the creative quality and concept of the visual. For Web Series, only ONE episode may be submitted.

All submissions must have a copyright date of 2016 or later.

1. Films may only be submitted thorough FilmFreeway.

2. Entries received late or incomplete may be disqualified.

3. Unless the filmmaker objects, films that will be juried will be shown online for a limited time of two weeks through our website,, so that the area community and the worldwide public have an opportunity to view them. In addition, SIFF may contact filmmakers to offer additional screening opportunities on our website and/or other venues.

4. Entrants are responsible for obtaining necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, and permits necessary to present their work. SIFF is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work. Although every precaution will be taken to safeguard all materials sent to the festival, SIFF is not responsible for damage to any materials incurred by shipping to or from the festival.

5. Films submitted must be available in English or in the original language with English subtitles. Accepted films must be available in the designated exhibition formats.

6. If your film is selected for inclusion, please submit two exhibition copies if your format is Blu-Ray or DVD. The exhibition copy supplier is responsible for the cost of the shipment to SIFF, and SIFF will not return exhibition copies, hard drives, flash drive, or other physical submissions.

7. SIFF does not pay additional charges for originals, masters, or special prints.

Overall Rating
  • David Miller

    We were honored to be a part of the CNY film festival, and had the opportunity to attend. Everyone had a lovely and welcoming spirit and it was a pleasure to screen there.

    Fingers crossed to be accepted in the future.


    April 2018
  • We were really proud of being part of the exclusive selection of films of this festival. We really regret not being able to attend personally this time due to other projects. We hope we can be next year!
    Thanks again for having 'Quarume' selected!

    March 2018