The NYC CINEMAFEST is NOT your ordinary film festival! YOU want to succeed as an Indies filmmaker and THIS festival will give you the KNOWLEDGE and POWER to get your work out there. The NYC CINEMAFEST is not just a film festival where your project is screened in the center of Times Square but a mega two day workshop/seminar with INSIDERS INFORMATION AND SECRETS NEVER BEFORE MADE PUBLIC UNTIL NOW!

Supported by filmmakers who attend, this is a festival about YOU and YOUR work! Not Hollywood hype and celebrity guest which ultimately get you nowhere but realistic means to not only get your money back from producing your film but making a profit as well.

Whether you have produced a no-budget film or a film with a million dollar budget the NYC CINEMAFEST will give YOU the edge to be successful. SUBMIT YOUR FILM NOW TO BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY TO BEING A SUCCESSFUL FILMMAKER NOT JUST A WANT-TO-BE!

FIRST PLACE WINNERS receive WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION of their film on ALL MAJOR DIGITAL PLATFORMS! We are seeking films of all genre, drama, comedy, horror, thrillers, etc., shorts, music videos, documentaries and features. You may enter as many films and as often as you wish . The NYC CINEMAFEST will be held November 10-11 2018.

WORKSHOP/SEMINAR during event! "What Every Filmmaker Needs to Know" and " SECRETS OF FILM DISTRIBUTION AND SELF-DISTRIBUTION! YOU do not want to miss the NYC CINEMAFEST!

Semi-Finalist are chosen and are award qualified. Filmmakers who attend the NYC Cinemafest are given priority to having their films being screened. We expect our filmmakers to attend and support the NYC Cinemafest. Our Finalist become our Official Selections for screening. Semi-Finalist and Finalist not chosen to be screened are still qualified for any and all awards including the distribution offer.

Executive Director DIANA LENSKA is NOT ONLY an award winning independent filmmaker and Content Licensing Agent for a well established film and music distribution company with worldwide platforms for your movie but also an executive with power to sign distribution deals for our winners. She has spent over five years behind the scenes working in every area of film making including distribution and self-distribution and will be releasing a video and e-book later this summer which will blow wide open what is really going on and NOT being revealed to Indie filmmakers.

DISTRIBUTION AWARDS for First place winners!! Screening of your film in NYC, trophy and certificate.

Second and Third place winners receive digital certificates and winners laurels. Potential distribution contracts offered to some 2nd and 3rd place winners. Some second and third place winners will be chosen for screening in NYC if attending the event.

InDvue Tv Reviews are also awarded to all prize winners who attend the festival.

1. Shorts and Features of any genre. No porn.
2. Films made from 2011 to the present.
3. Filmmakers must own or have obtained any and all rights to music and screenplay.
4. DVD and /or Blu-Ray MUST be submitted immediately after submitting your film through FilmFreeway.
5. A poster must be provided. (POSTER SIZE 22 X 28 or 24 x 36)

DVD and Blu-Rays with posters are to be mailed to:
P.O. Box 373
Ellington, NY 14732

Overall Rating
  • I'm still at a loss for words as to what my experience was like with this fest. It was quaint, but so informative. I'm honored by the reception 'Upstate Story' received and the lessons I learned from some of the shops offered. Thank you SO much and I look forward to submitting to this fest again.

    June 2018
  • David Fowler

    I’m honored that I was a part of this wonderful festival! Definitely worth checking out.

    June 2018
  • Robert Smith

    This festival, albeit quaint, was outstanding in every aspect! Great hospitality, communication, and networking! Great value as well! I’ll be back with future projects!

    June 2018
  • ramprabhu nakate

    Amazing experience.real value to our work.should participate again.

    February 2018
  • I shout out a huge thank you to Christian Cinema fest festival! Such great people with great talent and big hearts! I’m grateful that I was able to submit my movie and win award winner! Such a great feeling after all of my hard work! I love you all from the bottom of my heart! God bless, Gina Davis

    February 2018