Bharatiya Chitra Sadhna
Films are one of the most potent media of carrying information and entertainment to the masses. Right from the times when the making and exhibition of films got initiated in the Bharatiya society their impact has been not only observed but proved as well. With the advancement of the technologies the choices for watching this audio video art form have multiplied manifolds. From a hand held screen on mobile telephone of few square centimeters to a screen of tablet, laptop, desk top, television there is a huge screen available in a multiplex exhibition hall. Engagement with screen, small or big has become an essential part of modern life. The formats of audio video displayed on the screens also vary from commercials of few seconds to a full length feature films of an average 150 minutes. These films, short or long, documentaries or fiction shot or animated all have the potential of making and unmaking of societal perceptions. Films not only perform as the mirrors to the society they also impact the immediate and long term future of the society.
In Bharat, films played an important motivational and mobilisational roles in the independence struggle. Earlier films depicted the realities of Bharat and reinforced our age old but, survived thought process and behavioral patterns. They also became the agents of developmental changes in the society in post independence era. But somewhere the film making became the tool of dissemination of non-Bharatiya ethos and value systems. On many occasions the films also passed antisocial and anti national content in the grab of art, entertainment and freedom of expression. There is conclusive evidence that there is a planned effort to use films to support the forces that are hell bent upon to break and disintegrate the nation.
Films have a strong capacity to help Bharat to regain its lost glory and become an effective support system for rejuvenating the Bharatiya society. Realising the positive potential of all kinds of films in the process of the rise of Bharat, like minded persons decided to promote films with positive, constructive and integrity promoting messages. Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana was created in 2016 to encourage films that promote ancient and modern Bharatiya values and philosophy.

Fourth Edition of Chitra Bharati Film Festival, will be organising on 18th, 19th , 20th February 2022 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
Short Films 1. Best Film (First Prize): One Lakh Rupees
2. Best Director: Fifty One Thousand Rupees
3. Best Actor (Male): Fifty One Thousand Rupees
4. Best Actor (Female): Fifty One Thousand Rupees
5. Best Film (Second Prize): Fifty Thousand Rupees
6. Best Film (Third Prize): Twenty Five Thousand Rupees

Documentary Films:

1. Best Film (First Prize): One Lakh Rupees
2. Best Film (Second Prize): Fifty Thousand Rupees
3. Best Film (Third Prize): Twenty Five Thousand Rupees

Animation Films:

1. Best Film (First Prize): Fifty Thousand Rupees
2. Best Film (Second Prize): Twenty Five Thousand Rupees
3. Best Film (Third Prize): Fifteen Thousand Rupees

Campus Films: (Category A – For Film Institutes & Professional Students)

1. Best Film (First Prize): Fifty Thousand Rupees
2. Best Film (Second Prize): Twenty Five Thousand Rupees
3. Best Film (Third Prize): Fifteen Thousand Rupees
4. Best Director: Fifteen Thousand Rupees
5. Best Actor (Male): Fifteen Thousand Rupees
6. Best Actor (Female): Fifteen Thousand Rupees

Campus Films: (Category B – For Amateur Students)

1. Best Film (First Prize): Fifty Thousand Rupees
2. Best Film (Second Prize): Twenty Five Thousand Rupees
3. Best Film (Third Prize): Fifteen Thousand Rupees
4. Best Director: Fifteen Thousand Rupees
5. Best Actor (Male): Fifteen Thousand Rupees
6. Best Actor (Female): Fifteen Thousand Rupees

1. All Cash Awards will be accompanied with a Trophy & Certificate.
2. Additional Special Awards may be given in the form of Trophies &
Certificates on the recommendations of Juries.

Chitra Bharati Film Festival 2022

Rules & Regulations:
 The Participants must Register themselves online on the website
of Bharatiya Chitra Sadhna & pay the requisite
Registration Fee for participating in the Chitra Bharati Film
Festival 2022.
Registration Fee:
For Campus Films – Rs. 100/-
For All other Categories – Rs. 500/-
* No Refunds/ Cancellation made at any stage after submitting entries.
 The films need to be submitted through Google Drive link only.
However, in case of any difficulties in uploading, it could be sent
physically in Pen drive or DVD.
 Submission should be accompanied by:
 Full contact details with mobile No., Email id & Postal
address of the sender.
 Synopsis of the film - not more than 300 words
 Bio data of Director
 Crew List / List of actors
 Participation letter from Producer or College authorities or
legal right holders
 Individual technicians or the actors can submit their films,
with the authorisation letter from the producer/legal right
 Detail of award/s received, festival screening, release (if
 Film poster and other publicity materials
 On selection of the Film for Competition Section, Blue-Ray / Pen-
Drive / DCP copy may be asked, if required.

 Last date of submission is November 30, 2021. The films must
reach us by this date.
 Selected films will be notified before January 15, 2022.
 Students from different colleges, universities, film or media
institutes can submit to CAMPUS FILM Category. However, they
are also free to submit their films to any other categories of their
choice under Rs. 500/- Registration Fees.

 The Film must be an original creation & shall not be copied from
any other films made earlier.
 The Film should be focused on any of the ten themes
mentioned below.

1. Bharatiya Independence Struggle
2. 75 years of Independent Bharat
3. Un-lockdown
4. Vocal for local
5. Happy Village, Prosperous Country
6. Bharatiya Culture and Values
7. Innovation - Creative work
8. Family
9. Environment and Energy
10.Education and Skill Development.

In any language films will be submitted with English subtitles. Silent Films are
also eligible.
 Films made in between 1st January 2020 to 30th November 2021
only are eligible to participate in this festival.
 The Film should be produced in India and the Producer / Director
must be of Indian Origin.
 The Producer/Director or the legal IPR holder of the film needs to
sign the attached declaration letter along with their submission on
a twenty rupees non judicial stamp paper. If the declaration
submitted by the participants are found to be factually false or
incorrect, Chitra Bharati Film Festival reserves the rights to
reject the entry or even cancel the selection of the film after the
final results/announcements.
 Juries’ decisions will be final and cannot be challenged.
 Bharatiya Chitra Sadhna will have right to use the film or part of
the film in any manner possible for its publicity or otherwise for
screening it at any place in India or abroad.

Overall Rating
  • Actor Srini

    It's a Extordinary short film festival, I submitted two of my shortfilms, both are selected & screened. Feeling grateful on receiving “Best Actor award”🥇 and cash 💰 price ₹51,000 for our “Edhu Thevayo Adhuvey Dharmam” from Great Bollywood Directors “ABBAS MUSTAN”. Thanks to my Director Thu Pa Saravanan and all my friends who stood by me in receiving this prestige. Special thanks to Chitra Bharti Film Festival.

    March 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank You Srini. Festival Open for next season from first September 2021. This time we meet in Bhopal 18,19,20th Feb 2022.

  • It was a very good festival, it was very nice to attend the festival.

    March 2020
  • Rohit Gupta

    This is one of the wonderful festival . In fact, one of the only festivals, which gives cash awards too in various categories. Nice communication and very nicely managed including the award ceremony. Those who got awards were already informed before the award ceremony.

    March 2020