A decade long, all encompassing musical rite of passage shattered into a carnage of addiction, betrayal and death.
Road warrior brothers who’d shared it all, left everything behind -as they became perfect strangers.
Chaos is the story of Ian ‘Dosser’ Dawkins journey to musical rebirth.
Now in his 40’s, Dosser is ten years into recovery for alcoholism, back in a day job and still grieving for his Brother, Tony (the victim of an on-tour overdose).
When his defunct band, The Nuclear Aces are offered a series of lucrative festival shows, it could be the answer to Dosser’s financial woes.
But can he risk his sobriety by returning to a world of egos and snide? And that’s just his band mates.
Caught between Rock and a hard place.
Chaos is for Musicians what Californicationwas for Authors and Sons of Anarchy was for Bike Gangs. Part Joy Division biopic, Control, part Motley Crue’sThe Dirt, it’s a warts n’ all look behind the workings of a Rock & Roll band -but with substance, not just substances.

  • Stuart Newman
    streetpunk the movie
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
Writer Biography - Stuart Newman

SCREENWRITING (unproduced)

2018 – Consumed – Horror Feature (Draft 8)
A woman, tortured by nightmares and psychological issues, discovers her family history is responsible for her troubles. Can she resolve them before her triplets are delivered?

2018 – How’s Your Father – Drama Feature (Structure Draft)
Dark-as-hell drama about a patriarchally abandoned teenager who runs away to the big smoke, moving from one life changing event to the next in an ever contracting personal hell.

2019 – CHAOS – TV Series – (Draft 2).
An estranged Rock & Rol band revisit the long buried past.

2019 – Brit Boy in Lietuva – Drama Feature – Log Line.
When his daughter is kidnapped abroad, a xenophobic businessman must fight his prejudices or lose the only thing that matters to him.

2020 - PUNK SNOT DEAD - Drama Feature - Outline stage (Book adaptation).
Reknowned Heavy Rock journalist, Morat begins his road much-less-travelled life with a traumatic roadtrip through the tribal Great Britan of 1981.

OTHER CREDITS (produced)

1993-2001 – Publisher of underground music magazine and web site – Control! (later Kontrol!)

1995 - Program Editor/Writer - The Exploited - Rock & Roll Outlaws
VHS/DVD - Visionary Comminucations.

1996 - Program Editor/Writer - Oi! The Video pt 1 & 2.
VHS - Visionary Comminucations.

1996 - Program Editor/Writer - H.I.T.S. Festival Documentary.
VHS/DVD Cherry Red Records.

2006-2017 – Writer of 33 songs from 6 albums from Punk band, Underclass UK. (PLL records)

2019 - Program Editor/Writer - Legends of Punk Discharge
(DVD/Blueray) Lost Data Productions.

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