The American Chemical Society’s Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI) will host an Environmental Film Competition at the upcoming ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA, August 25 – 29, 2019. The selection committee seeks quality films focused on environmental issues that provide meaningful, constructive and encouraging entertainment, while harnessing the transformative power of film.

At first glance, the chemistry of water may seem simple: H2O. But water’s
connection with almost everything in the world necessitates that our
understanding of water’s chemistry is broadened and that we find impactful ways
to communicate that chemistry. Our dependence on clean water for drinking,
production of food and energy, and environmental health requires that
environmental chemists and engineers advance the public understanding of the
Chemistry of Water and its importance for our future.
Much of the world lives without access to safe water. Earth’s water cycle is in
danger due to climate changes. There is an urgent need to address water scarcity
by delivering integrated solutions that ensure a sustainable future. CEI strives to
address the major challenges of energy, food for today’s growing population, and
clean water without compromising progress and the success of future generations.
Together with the Division of Environmental Chemistry, CEI presents the 2019
Environmental Film Competition as a way for environmental scientists, students,
and environmental enthusiasts to tackle the complex task of communicating the
Chemistry of Water using the transformative power of film. This competition
opens opportunities for scientists to showcase complexity of water in ways
appreciated by the public.

The 2019 ACS Fall National Meeting theme is “Chemistry of Water”; therefore, the
film must focus on an environmental topic and consider the following categories:
Water’s Impact on Land
Water’s Impact on People
Water’s Impact on Chemistry
Environmental Issues

This competition is open to anyone with creative ideas on the Chemistry of Water,
and entries will be judged on their overall artistic and technical quality. Captivating
stories that are entertaining, meaningful, create awareness of the theme, and
connect viewers to emotions while presenting balanced perspectives are
encouraged. The films will go through a rigorous judging process by members of
the screening committee, programming staff, and juries. Up to eight (8) finalists
will be selected for screening at the Showcase during the 2019 ACS National
Meeting in San Diego, CA.

* The top film in each category will be honored and screened at the Showcase
during the ACS National Meeting in August 2019. Award will include
complimentary one-day registration for one (1) filmmaker from each
Showcase film to attend the ACS meeting.

* Cash awards for four top films

* "Best Picture” award for student submissions in each of the 4 categories

* “People’s Choice” award chosen by Showcase audience

Anyone is eligible to submit. We are accepting documentary and narrative films.
We will NOT accept films that are posted online in a public domain (password
protected or private videos are acceptable). Films must be completed on or after
August 1, 2018. Submissions must be received by April 30, 2019. Selected winners
may be obligated to attend the 258th ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA
(August 25– 29, 2019) in order to present their work.

All films must:
* Be submitted by 11:59 pm ET, April 30, 2019
* Be completed on or after August 1, 2018
* Focus on an environmental chemistry topic under the designated theme (SEE CATEGORIES IN EVENT DESCRIPTION)
* Be between 9 and 12 minutes long
* Be in MP4 format
* Have at least 1080p resolution
* Be in English or contain English subtitles
* The submitting filmmaker should be either the producer or director of the