CCCL Film Festival or Changing Climate, Changing Lives Film Festival is Thailand's short film festival on climate change.
The short film competition looks for films about ways people can mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change, especially in Thailand. We have built a platform that supports filmmakers from all backgrounds and we want to showcase Thai people’s efforts to unite and make positive change.

We encourage people to send in short films from any genre, whether it's a documentary, drama, comedy, animation, mockumentary, thriller, sci-fi, the sky's the limit!

Winner : 150,000 THB ($4800)
1st Runner Up : 75,0000 THB ($2400)
2nd Runner Up : 50,000 THB ($1600)
5 Honorable Mentions : 5000 THB ($160)

Film must be related to the human and ecological impact of climate change indicating a possible way to mitigate or adapt to the threat.

​Examples : coral restoration, eco-camp, wildlife preservation, water or forest conservation, disaster prevention, renewable energy, climate-proof transport/housing, climate-resilient farming, sustainable fishing, green business, community mitigation or adaptation measures, beach clean-up etc.

Technical Specifications
1. The running time including opening and closing credits must not exceed 10 minutes.

2. The ratio of your film must be 16:9 or any similar ratio that will allow us to screen the film

3.All films can be made using any medium, materials, equipment and techniques - you can use anything to shoot from a smartphone to a RED camera.

4.All film festival submissions must be made through our website. E-mail and links will not be accepted. Submit your application and film via our website by clicking “Apply Now" Fill in the application form accurately. Upload your video file (.mp4 or .mov) onto the application form, video quality should not be bigger than 1080p (there is an upload button at the bottom of the form)

5.All submitted films are prohibited from being posted or shared on any platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Twitter, Vimeo, prior to the announcement of the 10 selected winners.

6.All contestants must keep original footage and raw material of their film project which may be requested by CCCL2020 as part of the judging process. Selected winners will need to send in the original copy of their work

7.The film can be in Thai language, or any regional dialect or minority language spoken in Thailand. Films should be submitted with English subtitles or voiceover. Support may be available for film subtitling.

8.Film submissions are open from February 20, 2020 until October 15 2020