In the era of scrolling, we increasingly lose the skill to accent. Millions of stories, posts, photos every second. A waterfall of the same information, in which we get lost, passing many golden pebbles downstream. And only when the glare of one stone focuses our gaze - we dive for it. Dive for it, find, study and ask ourselves a question: "Why did we do this at all?"

Our stone is an actual idea, a highlight is laser printing on CDs using mixed collage technique. Recycling old material with the help of new technologies, we got unique paintings. And like everything new, the pictures are repulsive and memorable.

We like to easily understand what we see, but we remember what we don't understand best. We love to look for the idea of ​​the authors in the pictures, and when we don't find it, we come up with it ourselves. And that's great. This unites us in a chain where we all become authors. Where every thought and idea provoked by the painting is unique and self-sufficient. It inspires and is fixed in the head a little better than a 300th selfie and a dance challenge.

Every day, individuals in the person of each of us create new eras and saturate them with meaning. But this is impossible without freedom and courage - to speak, declare, be heard. "This will not be accepted ... I will not be understood ... it is not relevant." Did that worry you as a child? Is the question: "why is the sky blue?" shameful when you're an adult? When you are increasing experience and status among people, in parallel, barriers are being built in the form of awkwardness for not knowing. But curiosity keeps you young and passionate.

As long as you are interested in your enthusiasm, you create your childhood dreams.

P.s. blue is more diffused in the atmosphere than others, so the sky is blue.

Collaboration with @roussingirl

  • Andrew Blazhik
  • Sofia Roussinovich
    Fashion designer
  • Date Taken:
    November 10, 2020
  • Country of Origin:
  • Student Project: