The Bushwick Short Film Showcase originated with the idea of building community amongst filmmakers in the New York City area. We aim to highlight creators from all walks of life, providing a platform and space to screen their work in an open, friendly environment. It is not a contest, there are no awards. Our ultimate goal is to connect filmmakers with peers and film fans in hopes of future collaborations, new friendships, or simply great conversation and a good time.

Because we are showcasing filmmakers in the NYC area, we are only accepting submissions from filmmakers who are local to the region (basically within reasonable driving/train distance) and MUST be present for the screening. If you cannot be present, or cannot have a producer, writer, or lead actor present to represent the film, please do not submit.

We are a shorts festival, so unfortunately we cannot accept submissions of projects over 30 minutes. Our monthly block maxes out at 75 minutes, so the shorter the better. But please, if you have a longer piece do still submit. There are always exceptions, and we could always setup a separate screening, private screening, etc. We value quality over quantity.