We want to maintain appeal to artists, creatives and people with integrity from all our environment, all West Africa.. We believe film in general is such a powerful impact medium –
because it breeds empathy, because culture change leads other change, and because films can bring a new energy to our local issues our people are facing.

Since we have 3 distinctions, Prices for the BFF 19

Votre projet doit entièrement être tourné avec un Smartphone pour les deux premières catégories (Modjé Or et Modjé vert)
Concernant la troisième catégorie (Modjé marron) tous les moyens filmiques existants sont acceptés : caméras, Smartphones et tout autre appareil permettant la captation d’image.

-one price Modjé OR for 10 mn film about everything you want 3000 us $
-one price Modjé Green for 10 mn Film about “stories of human lives” 3000 us $
-one price Modjé Brown OUT-OF Competition (for more than 10 mn Film) about everything you want 3000 us $

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Overall Rating
  • Ndum Stanisla

    It is indeed a great community. Wonderful festival. Thanks for selection my film "First Born" as a semifinalist in your festival.

    November 2017
  • Iman Davari

    Thanks for choosing my films as a semi-finalist

    November 2017
  • Sa'ed Arouri

    Thanks for choosing our film we proud of you to be part of Bushman Film Festival 2017 and that or film has been selected as a semi-finalist in festival.

    November 2017
  • romen rumi

    As a new filmmaker it was a fantastic experience to me that my film PENCIL screened as a semi-finalist one such a prestigious festival like Bushman Film Festival. the communication department of the festival are really co-operative. wish all the best for the team and the event.
    I wanna give thanks to all the people of Ivory Coast from me and my country Bangladesh through the festival.

    November 2017
  • Thank you for choosing "Blanche's Bichon Buzz" as an Official Selection! Did we win? 😬

    November 2017