We want to maintain appeal to artists, creatives and people with integrity from all our environment, all West Africa.. We believe film in general is such a powerful impact medium –
because it breeds empathy, because culture change leads other change, and because films can bring a new energy to our local issues our people are facing.

Since we have 3 distinctions, Prices for the BFF 18

-one price Modjé OR for 10 mn film about everything you want 3000 us $
-one price Modjé Green for 10 mn Film about “stories of human lives” 3000 us $
-one price Modjé Brown OUT-OF Competition (for more than 10 mn Film) about everything you want 3000 us $

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Overall Rating
  • Ndum Stanisla

    It is indeed a great community. Wonderful festival. Thanks for selection my film "First Born" as a semifinalist in your festival.

    November 2017
  • iman davari

    Thanks for choosing my films as a semi-finalist

    November 2017
  • Sa'ed Arouri

    Thanks for choosing our film we proud of you to be part of Bushman Film Festival 2017 and that or film has been selected as a semi-finalist in festival.

    November 2017
  • romen rumi

    As a new filmmaker it was a fantastic experience to me that my film PENCIL screened as a semi-finalist one such a prestigious festival like Bushman Film Festival. the communication department of the festival are really co-operative. wish all the best for the team and the event.
    I wanna give thanks to all the people of Ivory Coast from me and my country Bangladesh through the festival.

    November 2017
  • Marlene Sharp

    Thank you for choosing "Blanche's Bichon Buzz" as an Official Selection! Did we win? 😬

    November 2017