One Passionate Heart for countless Moving Pictures
Born in 1990 in Bamenda, Cameroon (West Africa). He always loved acting, and when he moved to Switzerland at the age of 13 in 2003 he discovered his passion and interest in filmmaking. His Parents couldn't fulfill his wish to attend a film school, due to lack of financial resources, so he learned most of his movie-making skills through the Internet and by practice. He has been active in making movies ever since, as an actor, director, editor and producer of his short films and assisted on several other productions.
In 2007, he founded BERNWOODfilms, his independent film studio in Bern. He Attended a road construction school for 3 years till 2010 while dedicating his free time working on his moviemaking skills.
By 2012, he scripted and produced a short Satire titled BERNWOOD´S SCHOOL OF INTEGRATION with Students from Over 30 different nationalities staring as actors in the movie. He went on to win a youth Promotion award from the Swiss Government in 2013.
Over the years he returned time and again to Cameroon mostly for vacation. After meeting with several Movie making enthusiasts with less or no possibilities to explore their craft, he founded CAMEROON CINEMA in 2015 a production house that offers various self-organized movie making programs and equipment for free to assist young aspiring movie makers and actors mold their craft.
In 2014, in his home town Bamenda he shot a short film titled SALVATION BY WORKS, a Christian themed film which was well-received by the local community and brought Burri-taka in contact with more movie-making enthusiast and actors who were willing to be part of Cameroon Cinema.
2017 He decided to return for a while to Cameroon to work on his first Feature film CUTLASS which was shot and produced between 2017 to 2019. The production of Cutlass was put on hold or postponed on several occasions Due to Political unrest and civil war in Cameroon since 2017. Cutlass is in Post-production as of now.
Presently In Switzerland He works as a road constructor and dedicates most of his free time in doing what he loves best, being a dad of 2 and making movies.
Burri-Taka Bolalima filmography:
2011 - Decisions (one minute short)
2011 - The Headscarf Girl (5 mins)
2012 - Pruefungen im Leben (9 mins)
2012 - BSOI: Bernwoods School Of Integration (50 mins)
2013 - Salvation by work (35 mins)
2014 - GIBB Rassismus & Zivilcourage Docu (14 mins)
2017 - World of 2050 (5 mins)
2020 - Cutlass (Feature Film Cameroon) 107mins
Pesbyterian Secondary School (PSS Bafut) in Cameroon
High School
BFF Bern Berufs-, Fach- und Fortbildungsschule in Switzeland
High School
BFS Berufsfachschule Verkehrswegbau , Sursee in Switzeland
Birth Date
August 19, 1990
Birth City
Bamenda, Cameroon
Current City
Bern, Switzerland
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
Juliette Burri
One Passionate Heart for countless Moving Pictures