Burning Blue

The Challenger Disaster from the inside out. In this six-part miniseries, the story of a teacher reaching for the stars; the quest of a scientist digging for the truth; and the journey of a reporter trying to bring the full story out into the world.

  • Federico Sanna
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Federico Sanna

Hailing from Italy by way of Saudi Arabia, Federico took his first intercontinental flight when he was six months old. Travelling from that early taught him two unforgettable facts: 1. the world is a big place; 2. people like, dream, and believe very different things. In his writing, he tries to convey that plurality of expressions, experiences, and expectations. He also loves spaceships.

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Writer Statement

The full story of the Challenger disaster has never been told. Partial retellings either side of the explosion, documentaries, interviews... but never the full drama, getting inside the minds and hearts of its protagonists, like only long form television can.

What I hope to achieve with Burning Blue is for it to stand as a cautionary tale about our delusions of control and about the only kind of conspiracy that is almost always successful on Earth: a conspiracy of neglect.

But this is not meant to scare people away from dreams of reaching for the stars: it’s meant to empower those who know that, in order to achieve anything, you can never outsource your identity, dignity, and legacy to others, and that you need to share control, as much as you need to share responsibility for its consequences.