Buntingford Shorts will return in Autumn 2024!

Buntingford Shorts provides a unique opportunity for students to have their work viewed and critiqued by industry professionals (in previous years we have had Paul Cornwell of various Derren Brown productions and also Paul McEvoy, director of FrightFest UK), along with networking opportunities on the finale evening. Students are welcome to submit school/university coursework or any of their other creations from any genre listed below, we love to see the wide range of ideas and inspirations everyone has to offer!

Check out our website / YouTube channel to view previous winners - https://www.youtube.com/@buntingfordshorts

This year we will be hosting our festival over 2 nights:

Friday 12th April - Open to any student filmmaker currently attending any school, college or University living in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. This awards evening will be hosted live in-person at a venue in Buntingford TBA with judges present to give direct feedback to the filmmakers and award prizes (see below). The evening will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel after the event.

Evening Format - All 5 shortlisted filmmakers will be invited up in turn to discuss the inspirations behind making their film and any anecdotes from the creative process. Each film will then be shown in full before our panel of judges provide live feedback to the filmmaker. Once all 5 films have been shown the judges will make their final decisions as to the top 3 placing local films and award each of the winning filmmakers with their prize money.

Saturday 13th April 2023 - Open to any student filmmaker from around the world. The finals evening will be streamed live via our YouTube channel (and will be available on demand for the month of April) with clips from shortlisted finalists in each category. Judges will also be present and give feedback / prizes to any shortlisted entrant. Winning films are streamed in full for the audience to enjoy.

Evening Format - Each category will be visited in turn and excerpts of the 3 shortlisted films will be shown. After this our panel of judges will provide live feedback to filmmakers watching live via our YouTube channel. We will then announce and show the winning film in full. All winning filmmakers will be contacted after the event regarding their prize money.

Thank you to the team of amazing sponsors that make Buntingford Shorts possible: Yellow Technology, HD Print, Content by Gem, The Old George Studio, Evolving Spaces and Buntingford Film Club. For more information on these generous local businesses please visit our website.

Hertfordshire (and surrounding counties) Evening - Friday 12th April 2024 (and available on demand via. YouTube thereafter)

Entrant submits their film of any genre from those listed under worldwide evening to 'Local Award'. All local submitters will automatically be considered for the worldwide categories.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 placing films.

Worldwide Evening - Saturday 13th April 2024 (and available on demand throughout the month of April)

Cash prizes will be awarded to the best film in each of these genres:
Drama (includes action, historical, narrative, political and social)
Music for Film
and Horror (includes thriller and suspense)

Please get in contact if you are not sure which genre your film falls into.

A) You must be a currently enrolled student at a school, college or University. If you do not attend one of these you must currently be 26 years of age or under.

B) Your film must be between 30 seconds and 15 minutes in length

C) We encourage submissions from students with a micro-budget and non-professional actors. We do not disadvantage those without access to high-end resources.

D) Each filmmaker can submit against any of the categories listed. Only one film per director per category may be selected. The same film may be submitted to at most two categories.

E) Your film can fall into any genre listed above. We like to see a wide variety of work to give our judges an extra challenge!

F) It is the responsibility of the film producer to ensure that their film uses original content that does not infringe any rights or copyright of third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, music, archive footage, images and literary material. For copyright laws, It is unlikely for us to shortlist films that do not meet these conditions.

G) You give us permission to use your full video, photographs of the filmmaker and any other relevant materials at the screening finales (detailed in the awards and prizes section) and for pre/post event promotion on social media.

H) All submitters must provide an A4 portrait poster, trailer of up to 30 seconds and download access for their film should they be selected as a finalist. If the provided deadline is not met then the place as a finalist will be forfeited.

I) Submissions in any language other than English must be submitted with English subtitles.

J) Buntingford Shorts does not pay screening fees, by entering a submission via filmfreeway.com you acknowledge that the festival will not pay to present your work.

K) All filmmakers under the age of 18 must seek permission from a Parent, Guardian or Teacher before submitting to Buntingford Shorts

Overall Rating
  • Zakariya al-Bashar

    Fantastic festival, great community and friendly judges. Even though I was not able to make it to the event, they still posted my prise to me. They go above and beyond and I would definitely recommend submitting your film!

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Zakariya! Really great to have you engaging with the event even when not able to attend in person.

  • eva bonnevits

    had a good time watching all the work online

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Eva, was lovely to have you on board!

  • Amazing festival with a wonderful team, encouraging and supporting student filmmakers and their films.
    Communication has always been fast and efficient.
    We are very honoured to have participated ❤️

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for sending your films to us! It’s been really encouraging to see the students grow year on year

  • Lukas Weishaar

    We had the great honor of receiving an award this year. The team is super friendly and the festival is very lovingly organized and designed! I was also very impressed by the selection of films and really had a great evening. Great work through and through! Be sure to submit your films!

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Lukas, we're glad you enjoyed the films at our international event!

  • Plastic Spoon Pictures

    Buntingford Festival was a delightful event to be a part of, the intimate atmosphere and family-like feel added to the warm honest vibe by Jake and everyone at the event, they were fantastic hosts and gave genuine opportunity from film makers of all demo's to display quality work

    From Graham Hughes and Jonathan Skye-O'Brien

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Graham and Jonathan, we loved having you guys involved this year!