We believe audiovisual to be the powerful medium to spark conversation, inspire transformation, and bring people together.

By providing a platform for emerging filmmakers, fostering connections between independent and industry professionals, showcasing local projects, and highlighting difficult stories, we hope to create a space for meaningful dialogue and connection through cinema.

Buffalo Roots Film Festival benefits from the expertise of seasoned film industry professionals and the support of wrep.eu. , whose guidance and support has been instrumental in developing the Festival into a space that celebrates independent filmmakers, showcases diverse stories, and fosters connections between professionals and emerging talents in the industry.
Together, we work towards creating an inclusive and welcoming community that brings people together to share unique perspectives, and expose them to Distribution.

Participants can submit their entries only through FilmFreeway.
An initial selection of films is presented to Jurors, each Category’s winner will be evaluated by a mixed Jury committee and Jury of Honour.


1. Provide a platform for emerging international and local film productions to be screened, showcased and discussed.
2. Foster connections and collaborations between independent filmmakers and industry professionals.
3. Highlight and share local film projects with an international audience, since we believe in cinema's power to transcend borders and bring people together through shared experiences and perspectives, by creating a virtuoso circle.
4. Focus on selecting independent initiatives that cover various genres: we are particularly interested in films where script writing, directing, producing, and post-prod showcase a diverse range of artistic visions and perspectives.
5. Shedding light on difficult topics by means of diverse cinematography languages, that are worth covering.
6. Move away from commercial filmmaking, which, despite being impressive, is often inaccessible.
7. Encourage and participate not only audiovisual also art workshops and initiatives.
8. Explore the concept of self-discovery and self-fulfillment through relationship, utilizing a time constraint.

Each category's winning projects will receive awards certificates, and selected projects will be screened.
Guests of Honour will personally receive our Trophy.

Multiple entries are accepted: each filmmaker is allowed to submit more than one entry, and each entry may be submitted to more than one category.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

Should the film be released online, it is still qualified to enter the Seasonal competition or our Yearly Out of Competition session.

We consider a short film any work with a run time under 30 minutes.

Films of all languages can submit, with either English or Italian subtitles.

We may display promotional material from submitted films during the festival or on our website, this is not a guarantee that all films submitted and accepted will be promoted.

By submitting your film, you grant Buffalo Roots Film Festival permission to show it entirely or portions of it, both at the current Festival edition, its events, or presentations for marketing purposes also.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks to the festival, it is very rare to find a festival that is free of commerce and dedicated to art films, which shows the wisdom and courage of the festival organisers, who are looking forward to the screening days!

    August 2023
  • Thank you for awarding my film Lajos, the Perfect with an "Honorable Mention" and screening the film at your festival.

    May 2023