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Broken Covenant A Family in Crisis

March 3, 1999 is a day I'll not likely forget. The events of that day are forever chiseled in my memory: it was my D-Day. My husband Ros had been going through a series of tests for reoccurring pain on his right side. There were numerous tests: X-rays, CAT scans, blood work, and several biopsies that came back either negative or inconclusive. He had a request from his physician to do one last test, which is what brings me to this day. (The day the covenant was broken.)

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Writer Biography - Joy Robertson

Joy Robertson represents the strength that we find in many single mothers who have raised doctors, lawyers, athletes, and many entertainers. Based in San Antonio Texas she represents countless women who have life's odds stacked against them. She was born in Jamaica and raised by a single mother, as a teenager she moved to Canada as a talented vocalist to peruse a better life. There she meets Rosford Robertson her husband-to-be. Soon they were married and relocated to Connecticut. In 1990. They had a son and a daughter the family was healthy, happy, and thriving. Nine years later tragedy hit as their family found out Rosford was diagnosed with cancer. This was a crushing blow seeing how they had one child entering a critical development stage in his life and another child in her (first) year of college. About ten months later the family lost Rosford and Joy was forced to support a college student keep a mortgage and raise an unruly adolescent on her own. Through much prayer, and divine supernatural help, Joy was able to navigate her way through this dark time. Helping her daughter graduate and keeping her son from becoming another statistic in our country. Joy’s story is one that any parent and spouse can relate to. Not only does it keep you hooked from start to finish but it leaves you with a sense of hope when everything around you says it's hopeless. It is truly a testament to God's love and grace towards his children.

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Others write from what they have learned. I write from what I have experienced!