Bright lights

A photo I took of my best friend

  • Emma Apolinar
  • Date Taken:
    January 28, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Camera:
    iPhone 11 Pro max
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Central Coast New Tech High School
Artist Biography

I grew up in Sacramento and the Central Coast. I travel frequently, some of my favorites places are Spain, France and San Francisco. I enjoy photographing food and people. With my wok I hope to leave a strong digital footprint.

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Artist Statement

I am an artist and I channel my human experience into my work. I’m an artist because I have found more ways to express myself or my experiences into works other than words. When I create art I like to focus off of what brings me joy or feel something and project that onto others. One of my main art pieces has been food photography because that's something that a large group of people can connect to and feel something. I like to use my iphone camera for these photo shoots with all the natural light I can get. The theme really depends on the food. If it's a dish that is meant for a presentation in itself I'll use a bland background or no background at all. If it's a food that needs a little star factor I’ll add a bright background maybe a table or chairs to look like a ready meal. My newest work has been mostly photography. I used to do a lot of sketching and color but I found I can portray more emotions and experiences with photography. I really enjoy making things that bring joy and experiences and showing that emotion to others. One artist that has inspired me is Louise Bourgeois because she brings that element of raw human emotion with her works. I hope to do that but with less dread and more colors.