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Brighter Days

"Gaga" --- a significant word in Atayal, refers to the clan rules and core spirit inherited from ancestors.

Without a writing system, the history of Atayal was passed down by the word of mouth to from generation to generation. However, under the urban effect, the tribe is no longer the core of life. With the passing of the elderly, Atayal culture is facing a crisis of extinction.

The Wuta tribe in Nan'ao Township, Yilan County has been in such struggle. Awakened to revival, Wuta Elementary School, the only local education center, incorporated Atayal culture into their curriculum, and transformed itself into an experimental indigenous primary school in 2019, hoping to awaken Atayal spirit in the new generation through education.

The cultural traditions of the past were born in response to the times, but now they are out of time and urgently need to be transformed; can experimental education retain the soul of Atayal, or weaken the competitiveness of school children?

The Wuta tribe is famed as the Green Emerald of Nan’ao, where mountains surround and shelter the children, protecting them, watching them grow up until they turn into teenagers and have to leave their hometown. Where, then, should these Youth of Emerald set their heart?

(This documentary is a relay cooperation of high school students and college students, which took three years to complete. It is recorded with the eyes of teenagers and directly explores the essence of education.)

  • He Cian You
  • EJ Chen
  • Chu Hsin Li
  • Ya Zhen Xiao
  • Sebrina Zheng
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 15 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    December 15, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    Mandarin Chinese
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Hsin Chuang Senior High School
Director Biography - He Cian You, EJ Chen, Chu Hsin Li, Ya Zhen Xiao

游和謙(You He Cian)
You He-Cian, graduated from National Taichung University of Education, once a member of Media Service Team at Hsin Chuang Senior High School, where he learned to make films. He loves to know about the world through diverse documentaries. Brighter Days is his feature debut.

陳怡潔(EJ Chen)
EJ Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She majors in fashion marketing at FJU as a junior, is fond of stories and films, and was once a member of Media Service Team at Hsin Chuang Senior High School, where she learned to make films.

李竹馨(Li Chu Hsin)
目前就讀台東大學公共與文化事務學系,影像製作的開端來自新莊高中媒體服務隊。 《翡翠少年》為其首部紀錄片,期待之後能更深入了解台灣原住民族的文化及傳統。
Li Chu Hsin majors in Department of Public and Cultural Affairs at National Taitung University. She started to make films since she was in Media Service Team at Hsin Chuang Senior High School. Brighter Days is her feature debut, and she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan aboriginal culture and tradition.

蕭雅貞(Xiao Ya Zhen)
Xiao Ya Zhen currently attends Taipei University of the Arts. She graduated from Hsin Chuang Senior High School, and served as the captain of Media Service Team during high school. Not a team guy but constantly plunging headlong into group life, she is striving to live her life. She served as a member of the 12th TIDF Youth Jury in 2021.

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