Bright Wall/Dark Room—the online magazine devoted to looking at what happens when we bring our whole selves to the movies—is thrilled to be launching a new monthly spotlight on independent short films. Every month, we will select one short to feature on our site, accompanied by a brief essay discussing the film in our usual style—engagement with all that movies are, in fresh and interesting ways: with warmth and affection, with thought and care, with our brains and our hearts.

⁃ There is no fee to submit.
⁃ We do not pay any fee or royalty to the filmmakers in exchange for hosting their films.
⁃ Filmmakers retain 100% of rights to their work.
⁃ Bright Wall/Dark Room will collect no profit, nor retain any licensing rights, to the shorts.
⁃ We will consider films of any style and genre (including documentary and animation), though we are unlikely to select films that are gratuitously explicit in violent or sexual content.
⁃ We are happy to consider non-English language films so long as they are subtitled in English.
⁃ We will consider only self-contained short films—i.e. at this time we are not looking for webseries pilots.
⁃ Films will be screened and selected by the editorial staff at Bright Wall/Dark Room (names and profiles available at our website). Essays will be written by members of the Bright Wall/Dark Room editorial team and/or staff writers.
⁃ Selected films will be embedded on our main website from the filmmaker’s provided Vimeo link. We will not re-post the films on any secondary channel of our own.
⁃ We will publicize shorts via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as our weekly e-mail newsletter.
⁃ Unfortunately, we are unable to offer feedback on films that we don’t select.