Launched in 2019, the Brick Cave Film Festival is a celebration of the wide range in writing talent from Brick Cave Media authors matched with the vast talent pool of filmmakers found worldwide.

In addition to an open category of free-form science fiction and fantasy submissions, Filmmakers are presented with three "Story" categories, and they are encouraged to create a 3-10 minute short connected to one of the three stories created by Brick Cave Authors.

Each of the three "Story Categories" has a URL to download the story in question for you to read.
"Bloodlines", by J.A. Giunta:
"Brittle", by Sharon Skinner:
"Titan Resolute", by Bob Nelson:

Unlike Festivals that sit and wait for the finished products to roll in, We want to share your work in progress.

We believe that we can build a loyal, excited audience for both our festival and your film by engaging fans all throughout the year and process. We encourage filmmakers to send us their stills, behind the scenes shots, interviews and more, so that we can build anticipation for our attendees and existing fan base to see your film.

ESPECIALLY for the story categories- these authors have fans all over the country, and they'll be excited to see how filmmakers connect with these stories.

The event celebrating the finalists and winners of the BCFF will be held December 7th, 2019 at the historic Nile Theater in Downtown Mesa, AZ. The event will also feature panels and presentations by filmmakers at the OneohOne Gallery, located immediately next door to the theater.

Awards & Prizes:
$500 BCFF Film of the Festival
$500 BCFF Category Winner, "Brittle" Story Category
$500 BCFF Category Winner, "Bloodlines" Story Category
$500 BCFF Category Winner, "Titan Resolute" Story Category
$200 BCFF Audience Choice Award, "Brittle" Story Category
$200 BCFF Audience Choice Award, "Bloodlines" Story Category
$200 BCFF Audience Choice Award, "Titan Resolute" Story Category
$200 BCFF Category Winner, Open Sci-Fi & Fantasy Category
$100 BCFF Audience Choice Award, Open Sci-Fi & Fantasy Category
$100 BCFF Most Creative Interpretation, All Story Categories

Prizes are cumulative, meaning Filmmakers can win multiple awards! (For example, a film could win "Category Winner", "Audience Choice Winner" and "Film of the Festival Winner" and would receive all 3 cash awards)

In addition to the prizes offered above, the Festival will also make the finalists and winners available to Patrons of the Brick Cave Patreon as listed below, under Rules and Terms. During this period, Filmmakers will be paid equally from a set pool of funds derived from the gross Patreon revenues generated during the 180 day window. For 2019 that payout sum will equal 3.6% of the gross Patreon revenue for the 180 days. Payments are made at the conclusion of the 180 day period.

Film should be 3-10 minutes in length.
Must be: 1) in some way creatively connected to one of the "Story Categories" available or 2) entered into the Open Category.
Film credits for films Submitted in a "Story Category" must list “Based on the story [TITLE OF STORY] by [AUTHOR OF STORY].”
Submissions need to be premieres to be selected for exhibition.
All submissions with dialogue primarily spoken in languages other than English must be subtitled.

Filmmakers are granted permission to use content from the "Story Categories" in the creation of films to be submitted to the 2019 Brick Cave Film Festival. Failure to submit a work to this Festival rescinds that permission.

Should a Filmmaker create and submit a work to the festival, that permission is extended in perpetuity as long as the Filmmaker continues to credit “Based on the story [TITLE OF STORY] by [AUTHOR OF STORY].”, with no residuals requested by Brick Cave Media, LLC or the Author. Should the Filmmaker wish to create additional works or derivative works based on that content, those rights will have to be negotiated with the Author separately from this Festival guideline.

Each film submitted may only be submitted to one category.
Separate films must be entered if a Filmmaker wishes to enter multiple categories.
Failure to comply with guidelines, requirements, rules, or regulations is cause for disqualification.

By entering the BCFF competition, all entrants release hold against the Brick Cave Film Festival, Brick Cave Media LLC. it’s Officers, Staff and Volunteers from all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation with the competition or in any competition related event.
Applicants must be 18 years of age or older (or have your parent or guardian submit on minors behalf) to enter the competition.
Submissions & Press Materials are not returned.
All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

DO NOT EXPECT ORIGINAL DVD's, BLU-RAY, or any promotional materials to be returned.

Judges will be comprised of the Author of the connected piece, a Brick Cave Media LLC. Representative and Film Professionals.

From the date of the Festival, Brick Cave Media LLC receives a 180 day exclusive distribution/showing window for the submission. Following that window, the Filmmaker is free to submit and show the film as desired provided they continue to credit “Based on the story [TITLE OF STORY] by [AUTHOR OF STORY].”

Showings: The Nile Theater- Downtown Mesa, AZ (300+ Seating)
Panels: OneohOne Gallery (60 Seating)
All Day, All Access Pass Price: $30

Finalists will be scheduled in groups throughout the day of the Festival.

Staff, Interns and contracted talent currently working with or for Brick Cave Media LLC. are ineligible to enter.

Pop Up Film Store (Front Lobby, OneohOne Gallery)- Filmmakers can sell DVD/Blu-Ray copies of their other films. Brick Cave Books and films will also be available.