Brejning Film Festival is an international short film festival designed to give the city and filmlovers an extraordinary experience, and the opportunity to experience a part of the Danish and international film culture which is greatly underestimated and hidden: the short film.

We are an audience focused festival and by submitting your film to our festival, you get a perfect opportunity to get a true audience responds.
Please note we screen at Cafe Brejning on a big monitor/tv. This provides the best picture and sound for our audience.

Our finest awards are the two audience awards. Those are giving solely based on the audience rating and nominations. If you win one of these, it doen't get much better!

The number of passionate and independent short film producers all around the world is growing and the Danish film and media schools make excellent short films.
We want to be a screening platform for these films.

We encourage you to submit your work!

The selection:
We have an initial closed prescreening by a selected local jury.
For the official selected films we use a two-part jury; an jury with people from the film industry and an audience jury. We believe a film is only a big succes if both are excited.

Tha attending audience at the screenings solely pick the Audience Award and Audience sweetheart.


Brejning is a town by Vejle Fjord, Denmark, with magnificent nature and a love for sailing. It is an area which has developed from a disability center to a luxury area with an increasing number of households and families, and where old historian buildings and new modern architecturally designed houses excist in harmony.
The number of sports clubs, and the activity level in the area is very high, and the interest in community and culture is great.

And you will not meet more hospitable people than the people in our area! You feel welcome instantly in our intimate screenings, seating up to 50 people at the time

Let us show your work to a culture loving audience and get your story out there!
We love good stories, insightful documentaries, new worlds and films which moves our hearts.

Please read ALL the rules :-)

Audience Award (Audience's favorite film)
Audience Sweetheart (Audience's favorite actor/actress)

Best Film
Best Danish film
Best International Film
Best Animation film
Best Entertainment film
Best Documentary
Best Comedy
Best Childrens film
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor

More categories may be announced at a later date.

Winners will receive laurels and a PDF certificate.
Finalists and Official Selections will receive laurels.

This year we expect 150-200 guest during the festival.

Brejning Film Festival (BFF) rules (IMPORTANT):

a) Short films in any language up to 25 minutes.

b) We only accept submissions through FilmFreeway and viewed through FilmFreway. Links to films and drive links (ex Google drive) are not accepted.
= Our judges need to view your film in the same rating system at all times or mistakes will happen

c) There is no premiere status requirements or completion date requirements.
=Age and status only matters when it comes to wine.

d) ALL FILMS films, also English and Danish films, MUST contain English subtitles when submitted for consideration (Apply for written messages in silent films as well).
Autogenerated subtitles is NOT accepted.
You will be disqualified instantly if subtitles are missing.
=If we don't understand what the actors are saying, it's really hard to select your film.

e) If selected for screening at the festival, a clean copy of the film (no burned-in subs) and English subtitles in a srt-file must be submitted upon request, as we translate and screen with Danish Subtitles at the event.
BFF with translate the file into Danish, if needed. (Don’t worry. We’ll help you understand what is needed and how to make it, if you get selected).
=We need people of all ages to understand your film, and we'll help you get there.

f) If selected BFF can, free of charge, use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster) for promotional purpose. We will not misuse this privilege.
=We want people to become interested and show up for the festival.

g) BFF does not pay screening fees, nor do we charge the audience for viewing your film.
=let's focus on the art.

h) Showtime and venue scheduling is at the discretion of the BFF and is subject to change without notice. In case of unforseen events in the world (pandemic/war), the event may be moved, cancelled or held online.
=we really don't hope we have to, unless it's because we can extend the festival.

i) By submitting your film, you declare you have full authority to submit your film to the BFF, and you have obtained all relevant copyright permissions for all materials which are included in the submitted work (including music).
= We don't want any trouble!

j) By submitting a short film you guarantee that you have all legal rights to the work, that you are either the copyright holder or legally represent the copyright holder of the work and that all content (dialogue, music, etc) is either original to the work or that they have obtained all rights and clearances. The submitter agrees to assume all responsibility for damages resulting from the public display of the work, including but not limited to all legal fees associated with copyright infringement claims or contract disputes.
= If your submission causes trouble, you'll have to fix it and pay any bills that may come af a result of the complaint.

k) If needed, BFF will update or change the rules at any time at our own discretion.
= Because the world keeps changing and so will we...

l) All decisions are final and non-debatable.
=We trust the jury

m) After being Official Selected you have to turn in the required files in order to keep the title! If you wish to keep your screening status for something bigger: Don't submit your work here.
= We don’t want the jury to redo all their work.

n) All fees are non-refundable in all cases. Errors on your part which disqualifies the film doesn't make the fee refundable.
= we have to handle your film even if something’s wrong with the submission.

o) We do not accept:
- Horror film
- films including excessive violence or sexual content.
- commercials & infomercials
- music videos
- video collages with no storyline
- Films compiled by other filmmakers materials such
= We wish to entertain families of all ages.

Films which doesn't meet the requirements/rules of the festival will be disqualified/not selected and the fee will not be refunded.

Overall Rating
  • Martin Bowman

    A wonderful festival! They showed two of our films - Lumber and Out of Order, and were easy to communicate with and friendly as well! Very happy to recommend that you enter this festival :)

    October 2023
  • Without a doubt the coziest festival out there. This festival is what festivals are all about: a community coming together to watch films. I love it. Great communication with the organisers as well.

    October 2023
  • I was honored to participate in this year's Brejning Film Festival with "Resurrection under the Ocean" short film! - 😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏

    October 2023
  • Tihoni Brcic

    Great communication from the festival staff! They even sent out the certificates for the finalists. They treat filmmakers with respect and I was proud of my animated short Hedgehog Spikiney being screened at this lovely festival.

    October 2023
  • George Hadjichrysanthou

    We were so honored to be part of the festival! The quality of films was excellent, looking forward to future editions! Many thanks to the organizers - Claire and her team were brilliant and our representatives had an amazing time. The people of Brejning go above and beyond to make you feel welcome - such an amazing community!

    September 2023