We are now accepting applications to our 2017 Post-Production Grants program!

This year, we are very excited to have a brand new partnership with Red Square Motion (http://www.redsquaremotion.com/), a Toronto-based Post-Production house offering complete services for whatever you may need to finish your film.

These grants are awarded to New Generation women directors who can demonstrate a sound knowledge of the craft and show strong potential for future artistic achievement. This grant is only for short films in the post-production stage.

We will offer $1500 worth of services courtesy of Red Square Motion, plus $1000 cash from Breakthroughs to complete a full post-production package.

Eligibility for the Short Film Grants Program is subject to the following rules:

*The film must be directed by a “new generation” (18-30 yrs old) woman filmmaker.

*The filmmaker must be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant residing in Canada.

*The film must have begun production within the past year.

*The applicant must be the director of the film.

*The film must be completed within one year of receiving the Grant.

Students currently enrolled in film school are eligible, but funds cannot be used for a school-related project.

Please upload the following documents for your grant application package (go to your "Manage Project File" tab and look at the bottom right-hand side). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

1. Log line

2. Link to rough cut of film or 4 - 6 minutes of footage (via Vimeo or YouTube)

3. 1/2 page story synopsis

4. Artist’s statement (maximum 1 page). Tell us why this film is important to you and explain your need for the Grant.

5. Detailed budget (including production and post), clearly indicating which items the BFF Grant will contribute to.

6. Financing Structure. Indicate your sources of funding for the project and corresponding amounts, including the BFF Grant.

7. Director's CV, including past festival screenings and any awards.

8. Shooting script (optional)

PLEASE NOTE: Red Square Motion is based in Toronto. If your project is selected and you do not live in Toronto and do not wish to/are not able to travel to complete the film, you can choose not to use the Red Square package and simply receive $1000 cash towards your film. We regret that Breakthroughs cannot provide support for travel expenses.

Thanks & good luck!