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Brave New World

Brave New World is a single-gender entertaining world in 2100, which is about a girl named Bryony, who uses hacking technique to appeal for her mother who is a has-been celebrity and accidentally becomes a technology influencer. But a few days later, she becomes a has-been like her mother. Brave New World is a fantasy, feminist, and science fiction musical.

  • Jingwen LI
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    Student, Screenplay
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    Yes - University of Sydney
Writer Biography - Jingwen LI

Jingwen Li is a producer, director, illustrator from China and now based in Sydney. She is with industry knowledge and skills to create artworks. Jingwen is an open-minded and creative worker with an inspirational and creative nature. She has extensive knowledge of film and animation, and computer and design skills.
Her works have been showcased in various public places in Australia. for instance UTS Great Hall, Sydney Microlit Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, Vivid Sydney 2017. etc
She has received a Bachelor's degree of Design in Animation at UTS and currently studies at Master of Moving Image at USYD. She worked as a Lighting assistant in Cathay Playhouse (2019), intern at Hunan Broadcast Film& TV Group(2017), and volunteer at Sydney Film Festival (2016).

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Writer Statement

When I conceived this script, I used the single-gender world as the cause and amusing ourselves to death as the consequence, to describe a pure utopian world. In a world completely dominated by the "amusing ourselves to death" culture, I wanted to prove in this script that the world is not two-sided, but rather intertwined like a Möbius ring, which seems to be two sides but is actually one side. In this script, there is no protagonist and antagonist. The seemingly "decent" Bryony grows up to be the "villain" who makes herself obsolete, and the entertainment culture is not the "villain" in this script but a fact that is fragile yet will not be destroyed. "The film uses a form of the musical to reduce the seriousness of the subject and reinforce the content of "amusing ourselves to death". Just as Bryony tries to entertain science later in the film, the impact of communication is expanded by reducing its seriousness.

At the same time, technology will reduce the ability of people. For example, many people are used to typing after the ability to write declines. Although this does not mean that technology is much worse, in the distant 2100, when artificial intelligence and can do surgery and driving, intelligent appliances enter the home, etc., human ability to operate the machine will decline like typing ability. Perhaps at that time, there will be no human carrying a camera to shoot the movie. Neil Postman predicted in 1985 that "amusing ourselves to death" would become a reality, and that entertainment would be the only hegemony in 2100. The entertainment I am writing about is not entertainment that has abandoned its artistic values and ethics as Neil Postman predicted, but it does not have many differences either.

The atmosphere of the whole film is upbeat and looks like a particularly sweet candy that would get bored to eat. The main color is dramatic yellow monochromatic light, making the world seem distant and fictional, more like a utopian world. At the same time, the film will also use a lot of long shots and slow-motion shots to show the world as it is and the song and dance performances. Close-up shots will not be used on the characters’ facial expressions and posture but will be used in the shots of technological products. The activities of sitting and sleeping will not be seen in the film, the activities of the characters are dynamic.