For as long as I can remember, I've always loved movies and cartoons. For me, they took me to extraordinary worlds to explore and learn from. At a young age I wanted to mimic what I saw. I wanted to tell stories of my own. So, I borrowed my parents' cameras and filmed my toys in substitute for characters and sets. As time went on, I improved my talent and understanding of filming through high school film classes I took, and made good practice with the help of my own camera and computer. That same time, I was also practicing my drawing skills, getting better and learning from my mistakes. I soon realized I can make my drawings come to life through animation. I made intriguing stop motion animated videos for high school announcements and received great praise from my peers. After graduating high school, I spent a year learning more about classic hand drawn animation from Don Bluth University. Now with my ever growing learning from film and animation I am off to create my own content, build from the ground up and share my creativity with the world!
Community College of Aurora
Don Bluth University
High School
Highlands Ranch High School
General Education
Birth Date
April 17, 2002
Birth City
Lamar, CO
Résumé & Attachments
Résumé & Attachments
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