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Bourgeoisie Magazine is proud to host the 2nd Annual Beauty is Balance . This event consist Fashion, Art and Film.

All films selected will be played at a special screaming. Filmmakers are required to submit a Feature, Short or Documentary of what they think is beautiful or a documentary, short or feature on something you are passionate about. We will pick three winners, one child, one teen and one adult from each category. Filmmakers can use drones, IPhones, cameras or any other film-making device they have available. Be as creative as possible. Films will be seen by a combine 25k + people including: Internet (Live Stream) and in a live theater. Winners will also win an additional prizes. (TBD) Filmmakers will also be featured in our magazine and get promotion on our social media channels. The winners will receive free marketing for 6 months (including marketing collateral, design of a custom Twitter page, Facebook page, Google + page and banners) as well as social media management for all their social media channels. Winners will also win an additional prize. (To be determined)


Prizes vary from year to year as sponsorship allow.

You must own the rights to submit your content.

All non-English language films must have English subtitles or dubbed in English

We do not accept works-in-progress and will not update a submission with a more recent cut (except minor post-production additions).

Students: A copy of the a current student ID must be submitted along with the entry to be considered eligible.

By submitting your work you are agreeing to this statement. In submitting this work, I am claiming that it is my own and that I hold all necessary copyright or have the permission of the appropriate owners of copyright to incorporate portions of their work. Yes, I am the creator and author of the work submitted. In the event that my entry contains the work of other individuals or organizations (including any copyrighted photographs, musical compositions, etc.), I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions and/or licenses. Yes, I have the necessary rights and/or permissions to use the visual elements in this entry. Yes, I have the necessary rights and/or permissions to use the audio in this entry. Entrants are responsible for transportation costs, insurance charges and any customs fees incurred when shipping to the festival.