Boundless Champions S3: Togetherympic

Four successful celebrities in various fields such as acting, singing and modeling take on the challenge of participating in the first event of its kind created by KBS, Togetherympic!

Sean is a hip-hop singer and rapper with 26 years under his belt. He is also an amateur marathoner and philanthropist. The event he will compete in is the Track and Field Mixed Team Universal Relay. Four athletes with four different disability types and a guide runner that will run with the visually impaired athlete! This is harmony between the disabled and able-bodied, harmony between the different types of disabilities and harmony between men and women. Through this sports event, we will witness how society can harmonize as well.

Lee Elijah is a rising star in the movie industry. She can play the heroine and the villain perfectly. Elijah takes on the challenge of competing in a mixed duo in archery. In the past, Elijah had played the role of a disabled archer who rode a wheelchair in a movie. This time, she forms a team with a real disabled archer and competes in an official event. From learning the basics to actually shooting in the real game, Elijah’s journey is rough and hard. What will her final score be? This isn’t a game where they can win if only one person is outstanding. They both must do well to win. In that process, she grows closer to her partner and receives a lot of help. Through this, we will be able to see the disabled and able-bodied helping each other out.

Actors Seo Jisuk and Park Jaemin compete in 3X3 wheelchair basketball. The two actors are well known for their great skills in playing basketball. Will they be able to do well in wheelchair basketball as well? Passing, making the shot and playing defense! Every moment in wheelchair basketball is about teamwork and keeping in the same rhythm with each other. The challenge that these four people, two disabled players and two able-bodied players, will show as they form a team and play basketball together will move the audience deeply.

The 2023 KBS Cup Togetherympic is the first event of its kind created by KBS. The athletes worked hard for five months to train and practice. What will be their score when they actually compete in the events?

  • Seongkwon Bamboo Sohn
  • Hong Kyun Kim
  • Hyun Soo Jung
  • InKyun Noh
  • Sunah Jung
  • Teresa Byun
  • Yoonhee Nam
  • HyungIn Jang
  • YoungMin Kim
  • JongIn Park
  • YoonSeon Kim
  • Kangho Lee
  • Miwon Yoon
  • Do Hyoung Kim
  • Project Type:
    Feature, Television
  • Genres:
    Paralympic, Sports Diversity, Sustainable Sports
  • Runtime:
    47 minutes 3 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 11, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
    Korea, Republic of
  • Country of Filming:
    Korea, Republic of
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  • The Director of the Month
    Korea, Republic of
    July 19, 2023
    Winner at Culture/Information section
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  • KBS Media
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    Country: Worldwide
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Seongkwon Bamboo Sohn, Hong Kyun Kim, Hyun Soo Jung, InKyun Noh, Sunah Jung

- Director Sohn joined KBS in 2011 where he started his career as a sports director. He currently specializes in producing sports programs as he feels sports is “the best tool connecting people to people and organizations to organizations." He created “Two Paths,” a special documentary on the different paths that professional and amateur athletes take. He has also produced the "Boundless Champions" series which aims to help cultivate a culture in which both disabled and ordinary people are able to enjoy their time together, and "Ball Show," a show that hopes to integrate all of mankind through soccer. He also created “Cheongchun Baseball: Not Yet, Not Out” that provides a second opportunity for young people who did not succeed in going pro, and “No. 7 Gu Jacheol,” a fake documentary about a new soccer commentator who becomes a presidential candidate. Also, Sohn is an active field producer during the Olympics, the World Cup and Asian Games. Sohn is trying his very best to make positive changes in the world through sports.

◆ Direction experience on TV Programs
- 16-part sports documentary “Cheongchun Baseball: Not Yet, Not Out” (2022)
- Variety show “No. 7 Gu Jacheol: Soccer Commentator’s Presidential Challenge” (2022)
- Variety show “Boundless Champions Season 2: Dancing Together” (2020)
- Variety show “Boundless Champions Season 1: The Remarkable challenge” (2019)
- Sports special documentary “Two Paths: My Dream is to be an Olympian” (2018)
- Variety show “Ball Show; The road to Russia FIFA World Cup” (2018)
- Regular weekly soccer program “VIVA K League” (2013 to 2017)
- Regular weekly sports magazine “Sports Talk Show, Un-Dong-Hwa” (2011~2012)

◆ Co-produced live Olympic broadcasts
- 2012 London Summer Olympics (UK)
- 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (Russia)
- 2016 Rio Summer Olympics (Brazil)
- 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (South Korea)

◆ Co-produced World Cup Series live broadcasts
-2014 Brazil World Cup
-2018 Russia World Cup
-2022 Qatar World Cup

◆ Awards
- 2021: The 48th Korean Broadcast Individual Award in Sports News
- 2021: The 18th SIMFEST International FILM and TV Festival Winner
- 2021: The 39th Milano International FICT Fest Honorable Mention
- 2020: The Top Program of the Month (Boundless Champions Season 2)
- 2019: Great Program of the Year (Boundless Champions Season 1)
- 2019: The Top Program of the Month (Boundless Champions Season 1)
- 2019: Korean Paralympic Committee (KPC) PR Award
- 2016: Award by Seoul Government (Sports for the Disabled)

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