The Silicon Valley Science Fiction Short Film Festival, a part of the Boulder Creek Film Festival, returns in 2018! We'll be putting together a slate of short films that will tour around the Bay Area and California from May through August, including a screening at the World Science Fiction convention in San Jose. We'll be putting together a program featuring short animations, narrative films, experimental pieces, and even appropriately science fiction-themed documentaries. We're looking exclusively for science fiction, fantasy and light horror films,

The Golden Marlin for Best Short Film

So, what are we looking for and what are the guidelines?

Glad you asked!

We're looking for all sorts of science fiction/fantasy/light horror films, regardless of budget or premiere status.

Short films - 1 frame to 40 minutes. One Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror program that will tour around Summer 2017. While any content or style is allowed, so long as it falls into science fiction/fantasy/light horror, extreme violence and/or hard core sex/nudity is unlikely to be programmed.

All awards will be determined by audience voting.

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    Larry Loc

    Giovanni Torres is honored to have had his animation
    "Jurassic Office Temp" screened at the Boulder Creek Film Festival and regrets that as a junior high school student he was unable to travel to the bay area for the festival. As his teacher it also means a lot to my program to have festival give positive reinforcement to my student's creativity.
    Thank you
    Larry Loc
    For Ladera Vista Junior High School Stop Motion

    September 2017