The 2nd Annual Borealis Film Festival is open all students enrolled at Aurora University and local filmmakers, including students from surrounding high schools. Each filmmaker can submit up to two entries. The films may not be more than 10 minutes in length or have been previously submitted to Borealis Film Festival. Shorter/longer versions of video submissions will be considered, but admission is not guaranteed. All filmmakers must be in agreement of submission to the Borealis Film Festival and the submission form. Filmmakers do not need to be present to qualify.

ONLY LOCAL FILMS ACCEPTED. This festival is only open to students of Aurora University, Aurora IL, U.S.A, students who attend local area high schools, and filmmakers from the surrounding area. Films that do not meet this criteria will be disqualified.

A trophy will be award to the top film in each category.

Films over 10 minutes long or submissions that are not local (area high schools and the Aurora community) to or from a student/graduate of Aurora University are automatically disqualified.

Films may fall into the following categories: Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Historical, Musical, Public Service Announcements (PSA) and may be on any subject and encompass any genre. Other entries may be considered. Your film will have a public screening, and therefore should have content appropriate to a diverse audience. Excessive use of offensive content (sex/nudity, violence/gore, profanity) may remove your film from consideration. Culturally insensitive content (sexism, racial slurs, jokes at the expense of social groups, etc.) will not be permitted in any form. All entries need to be submitted on a USB or emailed t Information and tickets can be located on All of the entries received, regardless of production cost or budget, are evaluated on the basis of originality of concept, technical production skill, and creativity in execution.
Although every possible care will be taken with your films while they are in our possession, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Please send copies only–do not send originals. USBs can be picked up after the Film Festival is over; it up to the individual to pick it up.
Submission of an entry gives Borealis Film Festival permission to show the work at the annual festival. Please note that upon entering the Borealis Film Festival, you are granting Aurora University the right to reproduce or utilize any and all portions of your entry for promotional purposes. Submission to the Borealis Film Festival does not guarantee that a work will be shown at the festival. Borealis Film Festival reserves the right to refuse to screen any film at the festival. All entries are due by April 10, 2016 at 5pm.