After 3 festivals, the Boone Film Festival is taking time off to consider our next steps.

Our High Country outdoor community is large, healthy, and vibrant. A few Boone locals decided to create an opportunity to celebrate the stories of adventure, environment, and culture found in the Appalachian Region. Visit the Boone Film Festival website for latest details of events.

The Boone Film Festival accepts all types of film or video submissions (narrative, documentary and animation) that include as the subject matter the Appalachian Region, and/or people from the Appalachian Region.

Tune in to our Facebook page for updates, information, and notes of interest!

There are four categories of film to be judged:

Appalachian Culture
Appalachian Adventure
Appalachian Environment
Youth Competition (free submission - enter waiver code at checkout - booneffyouth2018)

We recommend submitting films under 30 minutes. Due to limited programming time (3 hour main event) we are less likely to show long form films and recommend submitting 20-30 minute cut.

Best In Show Appalachian Region Film, $500 cash prize
Best Culture Film, $250 cash prize
Best Adventure Film, $250 cash prize
Best Environment Film, $250 cash prize
Best Youth Film Submission, $250 cash


1. Due to limited programming time (3 hour main event) we are less likely to show long form films and recommend submitting a cut under 30 minutes.
2. Screening fees will not be paid.
3. An admission charge will be made to the public in order to defray the costs of the festival.
4. A submission fee for each film entry is required to help with processing. The regular entry fee is $20 for all entries. (Early bird = $15, Late submission = $30). Youth submissions are free.
5. The Boone Film Festival and its organizers reserve the right to adjust or amend the requirements up to the 12/30/19.
6. Format for submissions should be in the form of .MOV, or .MPG.
7. The Entrant owns all right, title and interest, including the copyright and all intellectual property rights, in and to the film being submitted to the Festival and has the right to distribute, exhibit and promote the film in or through all media formats now known or hereafter devised, including, but not limited to, the Internet throughout the universe;
8. All music licenses (including, without limitation, all synchronization, mechanical and master-use licenses, as applicable) have been obtained and all payments have been made that are required for the public performance of the music incorporated in the film; and
9. No material in the film being submitted by the Entrant to the Festival is libelous or is slanderous or defamatory or violates any right of privacy or publicity of any person, and the full use of the rights in such film will not violate any rights, including copyright or moral rights, of any person, firm or corporation.
10. By submitting you are acknowledging that you (the entrant) have read and agree to all Boone Film Festival rules and procedures; you will indemnify the Boone Film Festival against any claims related to this submission; you will hold the Boone Film Festival harmless for any damages, costs, liabilities, and expenses related to the submission, screening, and use of this entry; you limit and liquidate all claims to no more than the cost of the entry fee; and you expressly grant Boone Film Festival permission to use, broadcast, or publicly display clips of the submission (or its film or sound components) for publicity and other related purposes.

Overall Rating
  • Anya Miller-Berg

    Even though we couldn't attend the festival in person, the crew at BFF was amazingly accommodating and kind to us and to our representatives that we sent. We hope to support BFF in the future and get to attend the event one year soon! Southern hospitality certainly shines through in their communications.

    October 2017