Bommai Nayagi

Bommai a nine-year-old pretty girl born in a Dalit family, living happily with her parents and grandparents in a beautiful village named Aindhupanai. Bommai's Father Velu works as a daily wage labour in a tea shop located near many government office premises. For Velu, his daughter Bommai means world to him. His wife Kayal and his parents Singaram and Valli are being a great support in Velu’s living.

Arulmani and Shakthi the powerful and wealthy guys from the upper caste families, trying to abuse Bommai who excitedly went to bring the money she saved in her Dumb box (hundiyal) to contribute for the festival at the village temple, which was paused for many years due to the communal clashes between upper caste and lower caste people.

Velu was standing shattered to see the status of his beloved daughter Bommai, who is lying on the floor unconsciously. He stood dumb, and dint knows how to handle the situation without saying about the incident with anyone. Senthil, the brother of Velu and the son of Singaram’s first wife, a rich politician from the upper caste came to help Velu. Velu believed that his brother will always give hand during tough situations though he belongs to the upper caste.

Considering Bommai’s future and gender role about a girl in our society the truth was hidden, and it was made to believe that it was a dog bite. With the help of the hospital nurse and Velu's friend Jeeva, Velu comes to know about the injustice made in Hospital. Though Velu files a complaint in the police station as per Jeeva’s advice, his brother Senthil was trying to help Arulmani and Shakthi to escape from the case. Velu was shocked to know that his brother Senthil backstabbed him and feared about what they would do next.

After knowing all the injustice happened, as per Jeeva’s advice, velu directly approached the court and the judge ordered to further investigate the case. Since Bommai was struggling to get out of the shock, Doctor suggested that she not only has to recover physically, she must also recover mentally. After hearing Doctor’s advice, considering Bommai’s future, Velu takes her daughter to another village named killai.

After few days, though Bommai was fully recovered, Velu always keeps his daughter inside the home like a doll as per her name Bommai(Doll), due to the fear of Bommai being a girl and village people’s talk. Her education, happiness and progress were slayed due to someone else’s mistakes.

Later velu understands the importance of education through a teacher and also realizes that why Bommai should suffer till the end when she did not commit any mistake, and he admits her in the school.

Arulmani and Shakthi were punished as per the court’s order. Velu also starts a new tea stall with the help of the money he gets from his father and starts to live happily. But unfortunately, the happiness dint last for a long time. The criminals will prove in the court that there was also a thirdperson involved in the abuse. They will make a person from the lower caste to appear in the court and prove in the court that he was the most important criminal of the case. After the criminals Arulmani and Shakthi come out in bail, they start to threaten Velu.

Velu will be in highest fear of what the criminals may do next and how it may affect his daughter’s future. The criminals continue to threaten Velu and also disturb Bommai.

Velu who was already mentally disturbed due to an incident of a person committing suicide in front of his eyes, becomes very much annoyed of the criminals ill behavior with his daughter and the continuous threatens. A quarrel and fight build up between Velu and the criminals. At one point Velu shouts on their face that he is not going to hide anywhere. He is going to live in his own village Aindhupanai and he is not going to return to Killai anymore and you do whatever you can, and I am not going to be scared. Velu gets rid of his fears and that inspires his daughter as well to face all her challenges with the same courage.

  • SHAN
  • SHAN
  • Yogi Babu
    Key Cast
  • Srimathi
    Key Cast
  • Hari Krishnan
    Key Cast
  • Antony RJ Ruban
  • Selva RK
  • Athisayaraj R
    Director of Photography
  • Jayaragu L
    Production Designer
  • Rupesh
    Executive Producer
  • Sarawanan Pa.
    Executive Producer
  • Aegan Ekambaram
  • K.S. Sundaramurthy
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  • Runtime:
    2 hours 5 minutes 24 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 4, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    480,534 USD
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    Country: India
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Director Biography - SHAN


An engineer by profession, i was always dreamed to be in films. Garnered hands on experience on the craft working as an assistant director various levels. Working in different mediums like movies, commercials and documentaries helped me shape up my story telling and execution skills.

I made my debut with the tamil film "Bommai Nayagi" under the production of Director Pa.Ranjith's Neelam Productions. The film stars Yogi Babu and others. Upon release, the film met with very positive response from the audience and critics for its realistic portrayal of characters and the movie was praised for the lively performances from the entire cast and Yogi babu played a realistic, helpless father, Critics appreciated the film crew for taking up a very important social issue and showcased how the legal system works in India. The intent behind making the film was to act as an eye opener on the Judiciary process and how one should handle the system when in trouble.

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Director Statement

I measure the success of any society by the progress made by women in that society - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

The core of my story is based upon sexual violence against women and children and this is something that happens across the world. I wanted this story to be inspirational and wanted to keep the storytelling more natural and simple and hence focused on the relationship between the father and the girl child which would be beautiful and emotional. Seeking Justice is always elusive and painful for the common man today and this is further difficult when one operates in a caste based society. When one breaks all these shackles and comes ahead to provide for a full filling and enriching life for his daughter and how he faced the challenges in achieving it. The film is located in Cuddalore, a coastal town and the attempt is to shoot in live locations as well as audition and train the locals as actors to keep it as live as possible.

I hope that this film changes the perspective in society about the victim as the accused, especially in the case of sexual violence. I want to make this film for people to also understand that the victim has a life beyond an ‘incident’ and it is important for us to look ahead with empathy.