Board Shorts Film Festival celebrates all things you can do on a board, any board
with a festival for short films. Skateboards, wakeboards, skis (technically that's 2 boards but we aren't sticklers), snowboard, surf board, any kind of board.

Tell a story with your athleticism, your art, your filmmaker skills.

Make a film. Go Pro, iPhone, or get super fancy. Whether it's a total shit show or the real deal, if you can tell a story, then submit it to Board Shorts Film Festival and share your film with a wider audience.

We don't want to limit creativity with an arbitrary time limit. Just remember, short films can be REALLY short, or REALLY long. You decide how you tell your story and we'll give you a chance to show what you've got.

Our live event screening and awards celebration will take place at the beautiful Forza Studios in downtown Oklahoma City.

Submit your short film now & if it's a finalist in the bi-monthly edition, you not only win laurels and bragging rights but also get to advertise your film as the Board Short Film of the Month and show off your filmmaker skills.

The Grand Prize for Best Film from the bi-monthly winners of 2016 will be awarded in January. A good film deserves to be seen by as much people as possible and we'll have an awesome public screening for the best of the best. Board Shorts Film Festival is an annual event showcasing the best shorts films of the year and audiences love to see shorts this way.

Board Shorts and all the short film festivals promoted by our production recognize the important role shorts have in cinema, storytelling, and culture.


Super cool laurels for the top 3 films from each bi-monthly session with a Film of the Month going to the top rated film by our panel of filmmaker judges.

Grand prizes for Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actor and Best Cool Shit We Don't Know How to Categorize yet, (we won't put this on your trophy unless you want us to) will be awarded from the bi-monthly winners at a screening festival in January.

When it comes to Short films, we don't follow any set of strict rules.

We accept all sorts of short films of any genre in any language, but require subtitles if not in English.

We accept submissions from around the globe. Agree to not sue us if someone has a film like yours, and promise you understand all the legal jargon that says you own it.