The 5th GAMMA.CON Sci Fi and Fantasy Film Festival, BLUE SHIFT SHORT FILM FESTIVAL.

Films not be longer than 10 minutes and must have been completed between now and the entry deadline July 22nd 2019.

You will need to include one line of dialogue in your film to prove you made it within the competition time.

The 2019 signature dialogue line is: "This is really the end"
It can be a question or a statement.

Prize amounts listed in AUD.

Best Film $1000.

More prizes to be announced soon.

GAMMA.CON Blue Shift Film Festival Rules of Entry.

Please note that GAMMA.CON does not cover entrants for public liability insurance, personal injury or damage to property (third party or otherwise) nor does it cover professional indemnity for entrants. It is the sole responsibility of Producer and their team to arrange any insurance they regard as appropriate for themselves and their team.


Breaking of the rules will result in disqualification from this year's event and possible barring from future competitions for an indeterminate time.

Films must be a maximum of 10 minutes long, including credits.

Film must produced between August 5th 2018 and entry deadline date.

Films must include the signature dialogue line as listed for 2019 (SDL) to receive full points in this category.

Films preferably must not have screened in public prior to Gamma.con's screening event on the weekend of August 2nd 2019.

Entry fee of $20 USD must be paid on submission to be eligible. Student entry fee is $10 USD.

Films may originate from anywhere in the world, and will be eligible to be selected.

Prize money is paid in AUD, and paid by Gamma.con only to winning filmmakers who attend the awards presentation. Prize money will be made via bank transfer after the awards presentation has concluded.

You must have copyright clearance for the music, script and any other element in your film. We cannot accept a film that does not have these clearances. We may at times request documentation to verify clearances.

Please keep in mind the open nature of the award screening when making your films and keep violence, language and drug use etc to below an (M) level. See for details on the (M) classification.

If you need clarification of any rules, please contact *email

Submissions can be made via upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Drop Box or other video/file sharing platform.

Please ensure your link to your film works and is shareable. The organisers are not responsible to contact you if the link provided on your entry form in in error.

Password protected videos are permitted. Ensure the password is included in the video description section of the entry form.

Accepted file formats for entry are Mov, Mp4, preferably in 720p. (SD can be accepted).

Compressed file formats (.zip .iso .7z .rar) will not be accepted.

Technical difficulties will not be given special allowances, the deadline MUST be adhered to, so give yourself time.

Rights granted and guarantees made by the Producer

The Producer grants Sanguineti Media and GAMMA.CON the non-exclusive rights to reproduce the film, or part of the film and to exhibit by any medium for the purposes of the competition, GAMMA.CON Pop Culture Convention or future promotional events with which Sanguineti media or GAMMA.CON is involved with.

The Producer guarantees that they have all necessary insurances (including public liability), and obtained all the necessary permissions, licences and clearances to enter this film and that the film and all of its composing elements and our screening of the film do not infringe the moral and ethical rights including copyright of any third party. Any claims made by any person or entity against the film, actors, crew or any other party are entirely the responsibility of the Producer.

The Producer also assures that all the above information is correct.

GAMMA.CON communicates with entrants predominantly by email, your submission is your consent to being emailed by Sanguineti Media and GAMMA.CON about this and future events and opportunities.

Overall Rating
  • Brendan Kelly

    Such a very well run festival and a great opportunity to hang out with local like-minded film fanatics. And such great sci-fi entries to watch, was a fun night out!

    August 2018
  • Masoud Varjavandi

    Awesome Sci-Fi film festival. The submission was a no brainer, the festival itself was brilliant. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Great networking opportunity. I totally recommend this festival to any upcoming Sci-Fi filmmaker.

    August 2018