Blue Cyanosis

A girl is having in psychotherapy, which unfolds the tenuous journey of pursuing the color blue against deafening silence that continues to this day.

“Blue Cyanosis” is a student experimental short film. The protagonist of “Blue Cyanosis ” is an anonymous teenage girl living in China. Her image is vague and no more description to refrain the audience’s perception toward the character in an organized structure. The story takes place in the present, maybe at the moment that you are reading the sentence. It can happen at anywhere at once, and that’s why the story is narrated through the eyes of the ubiquitous her. The serene Medici statue, standing amidst the crimson silk fabric, symbolizes the role of a psychotherapist in treating the girl, while also serving as an emblem of societal conditioning and disciplining. The attempt to graphically demonstrate her perceptions and reflection in life is a process of transcribing and recording the hyperventilating reality, an outcry of the repressed and inhibited, a collective memory of girls in the society with ancient history.

The girl’s voice penetrates the blank screen with boding shrilling by quoting the little prince’s saying that people always depart the place where they start and set off to opposite direction endlessly. She listens to rock music to let out the buried emotions, which brings her slim force to rebel. The psychiatrist asks her what to do the force. she paused and turns the conversation to the mother-shaming language in the mother tone, on the treachery of using innately misogynic characters to for outburst, on life of living in a world gripped by old men, and on the origin of proud when kneeling before family cemetery, in place of the absent grandson. But the surrounding considers dismiss the concern and persuades the girl to walk away. She doubts if she could ever walk away from the elephants in the room, even if she to be free one day, would her brethren to be entitled to share the freedom? The psychiatrist then asks if she feels sorry for what happens before her. She responds by admiring the cowboy’s boldness when walking out of the door after breaking a mess. She desires to be carefree and not refrained from the others and the Big Other, the society with explicit or implied norm to be followed. The psychiatrist returns that maybe those weakness can be traced

A period of silence falls. The girl breaks the blank interval, inquiring whether the psychiatrist has ever heard pounding on the wall in midnight. She then recalls of reading an anthology in childhood, the literal proof of sex is a tool for transmitting violence: a man asking if a girl would “do” and two girls lie naked on white sheet, being shot by a police revolver. Memory associates with another. A boy calls her and her friend “L” in elementary school. In the same year, she was diagnosed with tinnitus. She has talked to somebody, she said, but has only received response attributing everything to her remaining girlishness. She almost felt offended, offended by facing the possibility that all efforts she paid is in vain.

The psychiatrist asks about the implication of girlishness. People think of women as dependent to love, as if their existence collapse without intimate relationship, like Salome dies for the man she loves, which is considered to be the masterpiece of renaissance while she thinks of it as products from the biological structure. In theologically sense, Simone Weil believes love is light, she assumes it to be an incessant crusade. But she hesitated to take it as blue.

Then she reflected on the girlish body. If everything in the system belongs to the self, how can that autonomy compromise with ulterior demand externally. She has copied a work called Black Iris III, of which depicted the vagina of woman, of which the Western artist regarded as the origin of life. Her mother told her the day she got her period that giving birth is womanly and girlish. Confounding feelings rose in her heart: among all the organs in human body, of what validity does this piece of flesh have to gain so much entitlement. She sees no blue in the corrupting flesh that child birth brings within, not even generation narrative substantiates its soundness.

Finally, the psychiatrist asks her why she resist psychotherapy. She said because of the uniqueness in individuals cannot be broken down by psychological principles. So far, she has been becoming closer to the servant of sorrow on the path chasing the very kind of blue, becoming herself and finding the beauty lies within. The psychiatrist is puzzled by her oracle-like phrase. Then she finishes the sentence, wishing to go to Canaan mead is the only way to live without apologies. The visionary requires imagination, and she is till attempting to figure out the blueprint for life.

  • yi cheng
  • QingLing Shi
  • WangYun Cao
  • YuXin Liu
    Key Cast
  • YaZhuo Fan
  • BuYao Li
  • XianYu Li
    Property Master
  • Jiayi Sun
    stage manager
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Short, Student, Other
  • Runtime:
    9 minutes 32 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 29, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    1,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    digital,3840 × 2160
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University
Director Biography - yi cheng

Yi Cheng is an emerging director and young artist, currently enrolled as an 11th grade student at Experimental High School (BNU).

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Director Statement

"Blue Cyanosis" is an authentic transcription of a gradually-exposed process, capturing the explosive cries of suppressed voices and the collective memories of women in this land of ancient history.
As creators of this short film, we grew up in China, constantly entangled by missing youth and misplaced identities. We have too much anger and opinion, yet too few opportunities to voice them or exert influence. Therefore, we feel a sense of responsibility to express ourselves.
This is our first attempt at creating an original short film, which was entirely completed by eight 11th-grade Chinese girls. If you sense any resonance, then it will not be silenced like a stone sinking in water.