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WitchfinderZ is a contemporary coming of age adventure with supernatural elements loosely based on the Pendle witches. Joshua Nowell and his friends are drawn into the world of the occult when the stories his Grandfather used to tell him turn out to be true. Emily Hopkins the object of Joshua's affection is a well liked and respected student, until her father's contract is terminated and she has to transfer to another school. Life gets even harder when the school bully takes a disliking to her. Emily's life changes when she receives a strange gift in the post; a white orb, which unknown to her contains the soul of a 17th century girl whose family were suspected witches. During a dream Emily agrees to the girl taking over her body to help her with the problems she's facing. Meanwhile in the shadows mysterious forces also covet the orb to use it's power to their own end. When Emily is implicated in the mutilation of the school bully, Joshua has to trust his Grandfather's deteriorating mental health and his own failing belief in the supernatural to stop Emily being possessed for good.

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    Drama, Teen Horror, Supernatural, Coming of Age, Adventure, Action, Witchcraft
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography

I am a filmmaker from Blackpool, England.
After studying in Manchester and gaining a degree in Design & Art Direction I spent 15 years in the advertising industry and have recently moved into TV show production. I have produced a children's animated series 'Disaster Chickens' currently showing on Amazon Prime. I worked as an editor on Nik Box's - Strange Vibesl.
I have a coming of age / adventure (PG-13 / 15 rated) screenplay titled 'WitchfinderZ' (loosely based on the Pendle Witches) and a horror Monster Movie screenplay titled 'The Golden Mile Gauntlet' ready to enter competitions. I am working on my third screenplay 'Must Love Pets' which is ready for the first re-write and is 'Cinderella meets Se7en'.

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Writer Statement

I will continue to write, getting better with each draft and each screenplay.