Blood Bath

On a Summery afternoon of Amber’s Toth’s 18th birthday, her Mother decides to sit her down to have a serious talk. Amber thinking it’s about something to do with the party doesn’t pay all that much attention to what her Mother says...Until she hears the words “BATHING IN BLOOD OF YOUNG WOMEN TO SURVIVE.” Amber stunned and suddenly
wanting to know more about this sudden family secret piles on questions to her Mother. Amber knew she was related to an 16th century psycho... but she wasn’t informed on the dark strings that are attached through their blood.
In a state of panic Amber runs up to her room to grab a book to write questions down to ask her Mother, but the time she arrives back in the kitchen her Mum has left for work.
Amber looks towards the clock realising her party starts in 4 hours, she swiftly grabs her mobile out of her pocket and rings her best-friend Kieran on the phone. Amber paces around the house as she awaits Kieran’s arrival biting her nails nervously.
When Kieran arrives to her house, Amber explains everything that her Mother told her. Being a supportive Best- Friend Kieran agrees to help Amber in her unusual journey of adulthood, assisting her with gruesome murders and one hell of a bloodbath. Amber questioning if she’s also a vampire goes through a night at her party, days at her university and nights at the town carnival. she must find creative and secretive ways to kill and drink her victim’s blood all while hating the family birthright that has been bestowed on her. Ending up having to choose between her heart or her blood...She must make a decision herself and for herself to end this bloody shitshow or to spill it forever.

  • Project Type:
    Student, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Horror, comedy
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  • Country of Origin:
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Griffith Film School
Writer Biography

Chloe Jones is a young Australian who has always wanted to have a career in writing, it is where her true passion lies. She is an alumni from the New York Film Academy, she’s currently studying Film at GFS (Griffith Film School). She was inspired to become a writer ever since she was young, Chloe would be off in her own world and would see different realities in her head. Love & freedom are her muses for her creativity.

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