Sam, an African American teen from Baltimore's inner city, commits a felony in Middle School. As Baltimore erupts in riots, Anne, a white lesbian Mom from the suburbs, takes him from Baltimore to a Christian prep school in rural Tennesee. Sam's tremendous size and athletic acumen make him a formidable force on the school's gridiron, and attract the attention of college recruiters. A true story, this unlikely friendship transforms Sam's life -- and Anne's.

  • Nancy Langer
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Nancy Langer

My script BLINDSIDED is an LGBTQ twist on "The Blind Side," and is based on my unlikely friendship with an inner city boy from Baltimore. My other new project is a first novel based on my six years working with celebrities at the United Nations. A writer, producer and communications expert, I produced and wrote an educational series for the UNHCR starring Meryl Streep during the Darfur crisis. It won an Ad Council Award. Traveling around the world as a humanitarian, including on a hair-raising trip to an African war zone with author Khalid Hosseini, I saw extraordinary scenes of human suffering and human survival. I have published extensively on political issues and worked in Los Angeles for nine years as a writer, professionally represented (Judy Coppage, Geoffrey Sanford), although no projects were produced. My first film project, where I served as Associate Producer, was nominated for an Academy Award (The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker).

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With experience working on four continents, I write about everyday people who face extraordinary challenges in a world of PLACE. My work is guided in part by Hemingway's insight -- "place is everything." I explore place in a deep way, and by so doing, I explore our troubled humanity, and our search for redemption.