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Bleu & Mergie

The story begins with Seth Phierce, a dangerous Drug lord from San Antonio, Texas meeting up with his pharmacy employees to question them about his shipment of Vilex pills, which it's missing out in the ocean. As he leaves his huge office, his Hitmen punish them with bullet wounds.

Detective Franklin Bleu is a young man from Jacksonville, Florida who's hanging out with one of my family members with a medical condition at the diner, makes an arrest to two regular diner customers for attempted robbery and an attempt assault with a weapon. The next day as Bleu is having lunch with his wife, Jessica Bleu, he came across FBI agents. Agent Chelsea Klaire warned him and the P.D. to stay away from the drug lord case and threatens to shut down the entire department. Mergie Lusher is a former police detective, who's being released from prison after serving time for an unknown charge. He and his sister Louise hop on the plane to Fly out to Jacksonville for a week vacation. The vacation plans had change when a couple of detectives approached Mergie at a pool party to be a part of the police assignment, he accepts it.

Bleu arrives at the Police Station to meet Mergie. After a brief meeting and the two dissing each other as if they've known each other, Mergie returns to the hotel to relax for a few hours. had reminded the two men that they needed to set their differences to the side or Bleu is gonna be fired from the P.D. and Mergie goes back to prison. Seth finds two local young gentlemen hanging out at a Corner Store to help him sell most of the drugs in the club.

Bleu and Mergie go to the Beach Party at the Beach House where Seth Phierce throws a party to celebrate the million-dollar sales of Vilex. Mergie and Detective George Kridges enter as Food servers and begin starving the party while being a low profile. Minutes later, Bleu come in and make the arrest but was not success. After Seth goes off to kidnap Louise, Mergie accidentally involves himself in a phone conversation with him, where he arranges a ransom drop of $20 million for Louise’s safety by midnight.

At the Florida Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida the $20 million ransom was deliver but the war had begun between Seth’s team and Bleu, his cousins, and Agent Klaire. After a fierce shootout and the fist fights, Bleu and Mergie go after Seth and Louise. The three gentlemen fight it out in the VIP room. They chase a fleeing Seth and Louise with tons of Policemen in Squad Cars and Helicopters.

Seth surreptitiously draws a gun but is shot to death by Bleu, Mergie, and Police trio before he can kill Louise. The film ending with Bleu and Jessica as she has open arms for him, whispering “I love you”.

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